We Need Electricity and Water by Gloria Toti

Oh, how fun, it snowed.  Let’s go build a snowman.  That’s usually what we do when it snows, right?  But this time around, frosty moved right into homes as we watched 4 million people lose power this week. 

Are you prepared to have your power go out?  Do you have enough supplies in your home as if the local Walmart store closed tomorrow?  I just heard that 600 Walmart stores were closing down due to the storm that has impacted 48 states.  We are not used to this type of news. 

I will be honest with you, I am not prepared, and neither were my friends.  The temperature dipped down to 29 through the night inside their home and to add to the horrible situation, their pipes froze.  My other friend is trying to get a butane heater working in order to spend another night in their home under these conditions.  Rolling blackouts are very serious, but true blackouts are painful and scary. 

My dad text me on Monday night to see if we still had heat.  I was glad to say, yes.  

I am usually a fairly strong individual, but when it comes to cold weather…that’s another story.  I usually live with a space heater by my feet on normal winter seasons.  Freezing temps would easily get me in sub-degree emotional terrain.  I would probably definitely cry.

Lowe’s is out of generators.  If you are prepared for your electricity to stop working – give me your address, please!  You know what we are buying as soon as they are in stock.  

I’m a planner and I hate it when my planning seems to be a day late and a dollar short. This is serious!  There is not much I can do to help, and this girl doesn’t like it.  I am a fixer-type energizer bunny kind of person.  

Today, my prayers go out to those who don’t have a strong family support system or good neighbors.  I think of the elderly, the single mom, the children whose mom may not have prepped enough food in the house before the storm came because she was waiting to get paid. 

Please help me in praying for those in desperate situations across Texas and the entire US who are experiencing this scary moment without support.  Many were already living with no emotional margin, or a lack of funds for unexpected bills.  God to be a shield of protection for the frazzled single mom in need this day – for the lonely senior citizen in their home with no heat – for the children whose mom and dad have turned to a substance abuse to drown out their pain.  God help protect them and supply their needs from your caring heart. 

I have to believe that I Peter 5:7 is a scripture that works in rain, sleet, or snow.  

And it read: “Cast all your anxieties on Him because he cares for you.”  

Lord, we humbly ask you to help keep everyone safe while they live through this uncomfortable storm – you are still the God who can make water come out of a rock.  

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  1. Denise Dietz

    So good! God has equipped us as overcomers! It seems He’s allowing us to rally as a community, trust Him at greater depths and prove that all things are possible through Jesus. We were Made for this!

  2. Gloria Toti

    I love the way your brain works Denise. You are one of the most joy-filled persons I know. There is almost always something good in every situation that comes against us if we look for it.

  3. Marty Hannah

    I’m still without water, but blessed to have electricity and heat. Looking forward to warmer weather starting Friday. Praying that my water pipes didn’t burst.

  4. Gloria Toti

    Ohhhh Marty, that is awful news. I’m glad you are safe. Do you need any water dropped off?

  5. Diane Qubty

    Amen! God with provide! I keep reminding myself of this and how blessed we are. Marty, praying for you. Thank you for your good word, precious Gloria! And Denise too! ♥️

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