YOU Are A Dream Come True by Denise Dietz

Tucking my kids in bed is full of sacred moments. We decompress, share our thoughts and sink into the safest space of the day. A few nights ago, my daughter sweetly says to me, “Mom sometimes when I pray it feels like God is looking down on me and says, ‘I’m so glad I made you!”  Immediately, there was an explosion of joy in my heart. I affirmed what she said by replying, “You are certainly a dream come true.” She accepted this as truth and believed every word. What made it even more meaningful was knowing this followed a week of shortcomings and failures.

Coming to terms with God’s love for me is a life-long journey of surrender. As we grow up it’s easy to lose sight of what it means to be a child of God. I find myself drifting into grown-up independence. Moments like these help me to resettle into being “His” child and accepting that I’m dearly loved. 

Our belonging to God has many undeserved blessings and benefits. No matter what we do or don’t do, good or bad, nothing changes the way He sees us. This is called righteousness. I’ve heard it described this way. 

  1. Hold out your hand.
  2. Put a quarter in it. The quarter represents you.
  3. Now make a fist and squeeze the quarter.
  4. The fist surrounding the quarter is Jesus.

He’s all around you and when anyone looks at the quarter what do they see? They see the fist (Jesus). Even when we make mistakes, this is what’s seen. There’s nothing that can snatch us out of his hands.   Righteousness is God-centered. There’s no way for us to achieve it on our own.  As grown-ups we are inclined to think otherwise and trust in what seems right to us. It’s my hope the words whispered in Nathalie’s heart would sink into ours. It was His pleasure to make us and call us His very own children.

We are deeply loved! Here’s a Love Letter from Our Father as a reminder. 

Your Sister and Friend!

Denise Dietz

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  1. Penny Gillentine

    What a beautiful description of what being one of God’s children is about!! It reflects the stages that we go through. Innocence of a child,to the exploring wonder as you grow & coming back to innocence but lessons learned as an adult!!! Thank you for the reminder that God is always there even if it doesn’t seem like it

  2. Carol Hernandez Ramirez

    That was beautiful!! Thanks for affirming this to us!

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