Digits by Tina Gonzalez

Numbers in order- numbers in line
Numbers undone- messy
No rhythm – no rhymeEquations backwards- forwards
Try solving them side to side
When it is all finished, what have you accomplished?
Are we really just trying to hide?

Digits telling time
Counting money
Exploding in fatalities and crime.
Make Haste! Make haste! They utter and cry.
Time and quantity is at hand!
Frivolities and deep sighs…..

There is so much left to do.
How many things have you done right?
How many things are still wrong?
Lets try and play a game without keeping score,
How much is that cake?
Oh no, the landlords at the door!
Son it’s time for college, but we need to have  a chat.
It’s time for a reality check,
Your GPA is a little flat.

DIGITS, DIGITS everywhere!
Occupying unwanted space,
Hanging mid-air

Digits rationalizing people and portions
Digits  rationalizing hopes and fears.
I’m underweight, I’m in overtime
Wait! I just don’t care!
What is your heart rate?
Blood sugar count?
How many steps have you put in?
Don’t eat that, too any carbs.
Wow, I’m really tired but,
I guess I need 20 more.

Digits, who can keep up and who should really care?
Who should keep the counts, the tallies,Who is in charge of the final scores?
Oh His agenda is so different my friend, He doesn’t count wrongdoings,
He doesn’t keep score.
He is eternal and timeless.
He orders steps, illuminates darkened paths and opens locked closed doors.
At the end of the day, His biggest concern and what is really on His mind?
How many sheep are in the fold, How many are still lost………
How many of His children will be coming home?


                                                     ” Jesus and Me ” by Tina G.

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