One Rib Was Enough by Gloria Toti

Friends, today I want to continue the conversation of Jesus and women. 

What does it mean for us to follow the lead of the woman who have gone before us? 

Obviously, we can’t go to the temple (aka church service) and hear the words of Jesus or see him at walking to the local market and talking with women in society.  But what we can witness is Jesus in other women around us.  We can read His Word and be encouraged that He called us up and out of the lanes of this world’s confusion and selfishness.  

What do we think the women were experiencing, thinking, or feeling in biblical times? 

It doesn’t take long in the book of Genesis to see the mention of man named Lamech choosing to do something new.  He leaves behind the pattern God set in the garden.  One man and one woman is visibly God’s intent.  One rib and one woman was the original plan.   God knew one was enough.

Genesis 2:22  “And the rib that the LORD God had taken from the man he made into a woman and brought her to the man.” 

Men making up the rules for life has a way of stepping over the values and dignity of the others in the relationship.  Think about how foundational the actions of Jesus were.  I’m sure it sent confusion into the hearts of men when they saw how Jesus took the time to honor women with eternal and earthly value. 

Jesus’ interactions with women are an important element in the theological debate about Christianity and women in our world.

Women are prominent in the story of Christ Jesus

He was born of a woman, had numerous interactions with women, and was seen first by women after his resurrection. He commissioned the women to go and tell his disciples that he is risen, which is the essential message of Christianity.

There is a growing controversy today with churches assessing whether or not to have a women’s ministry.  Where do they expect us to find our people? 

Yes, that is the name of one of the studies we are beginning on Wednesday night – June 1st.  Jennie Allen will remind us that we are to get past the awkward and enter into the authentic. 

I would say it is vital for women to champion other women because Jesus made a way for us.

Tell me if any of these statements describe you? 

·       Some women feel anxious gathering with groups of other women. 

·       Even seeing the words “women’s fellowship” strikes fear in their hearts! 

·       A simple group introduction or invitation to pray out loud can send you out the door, never to return.

If this is what you are experiencing, I want to encourage you to join us because Jesus made a way for us to express our God-given gifts for His honor.  He had a plan when He created us, and He created us as women. 

Listen to this data: 

Women express they are encouraged in their faith while taking the time to share community with other women in Biblical settings. They find strength to go on in life despite the trials, realizing they do not walk this journey alone.

They clearly see the benefit of the safe space as it allows them to share struggles and receive prayer that uniquely fits her own situations and helps develop her own personal faith.

To share accountability.

To experience spiritual growth.

To see how other relationships in our lives are blessed by our maturing nature.And, we also have immense opportunities to serve and use spiritual gifts.  I think it is safe to say that women have shared private matters in these settings and gained wisdom from others they never would’ve with received if men present. Just being honest.  We need those safe spaces to share what is really going on.  

I personally have developed meaningful friendships.

The benefits reaped are clearly seen in my life, and I love doing life with you ladies.  

Creating a community where spiritual growth flourishes is my love language.  We have created some fun spaces for you to join this summer – community is key:

He’s Where the Joy Is 


Find Your People, Spiritual Warfare 

Armor of God

Walking In The Spirit

Visit to see all of the new things we have planned that allows you to take your next right step.

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