Eternity Is Very Real by Gloria Toti

Today, I believe people of all ages are thinking this thought:

What happens if I die?

We should all come to terms with that reality and have a plan.

It’s been a tough year.

Today’s news tells us that nearly 151,000 Americans passed into eternity in the past 5 months, and 17 million people are out of work.

Yesterday in church, I heard that white flags are being hung outside windows in Guatemala in order to show that they have no food.  Can you imagine hanging a white flag outside your window hoping someone sees it and responds because you know stimulus or unemployment checks are not coming?  The CARING PEOPLE Act is all these individuals are relying on at this moment.

I can’t imagine lacking basic things to survive.

I wonder if the people using these desperate measures are single moms or elderly?  Or, are they are individuals who have been devastated by extreme poverty and they have given up on God?  Can you imagine the prayers of believers in Guatemala as they watch this reality unfold in their neighborhoods?

It’s heartbreaking – not once did I wonder if I would have enough food for my boys when they were growing up.

These people just want food for survival less they die.

Today, I believe people of all ages are thinking this thought:

What happens if I die?

We should all come to terms with that reality and have a plan.

Then that plan should prompt us to consider another great question while we have breath in our lungs:


I believe if we truly begin to live, we will begin to look at the things God values.

And, we will begin to let go of some things that keep us from honoring our truest selves…we want to be proud of ourselves as we look in the mirror.   We can’t hate ourselves.

No matter our age, we should all be living by a set of God-given values:

What does your values-list look like?

Here is mine: GOD, Health, Family, Church Involvement, A Job, Shelter, Security, Freedom, Community, Friends

In the past five months, we all learned how evil grows in places where God is not welcome.  We have seen firsthand what it looks like when our God-given values are trampled upon.

Last summer looked very different for all of us.  Toilet paper, masks, and super long cotton swabs in our nostrils were none existent.  The American dream didn’t call for that kind of bizarre stuff.

Well, today our minds are occupied with concerns for our future as a Christian nation… and for the future of our children, no matter their age.

We know they will never experience the world as we knew it.  I used to ride my bike far into the neighborhood as a kid. Oh, safety where did you go. Why did you have to leave?

Deep down, we know our children will be thrust into a time and place we may not see.

And they will have to work harder than past generations to survive.

They will experience spiritual warfare in ways that will test what they are made of.

But prayer still has the power to seed the ground of all our hearts no matter what things look like today.

If your hopeless rhythms are overwhelming, don’t throw in the towel – instead, ask yourself why you don’t have a hunger for God.  Maybe, it’s time to place a white flag from the window of your soul.  I dare you to be honest and take inventory of the spiritual hunger in your heart.

God has never withheld spiritual manna.  He knows what you need.

Lord, your people are in a state of spiritual starvation.  We are withering away while in demonic quarantine – help us remember that freedom was given to us by your son.

No matter how hard or different things may become, remind us that we are fully covered under the GOD-care Act.

Help us honor our God-given values this day.  Amen






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  1. , Zenda Hall

    Thanks for speaking God’s words of encouragement for a time like this.

  2. Valentina Valverde

    Wow! What a powerful message for these times we are living in. Thank you Gloria for always helping us be honest with ourselves and for always leading us down the trail that leads to Jesus!!

  3. , Zenda Hall

    Thanks for your encouraging words, we have to live ready to meet Jesus .

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