Don’t Let The Stones Cry Out by Shawnee McClure

What is your favorite thing to jump into conversation about when you hear someone else talking about what you love? It’s fun, right? You may have even met new friends this way. Talking about our likes and interests brings a smile to our faces and a delight in our eyes.

Our voices allow us to elevate what we love.

As God has continued love me by speaking truth to me in scriptures, he has convinced me to also speak truth out of my love for him.

Romans 4:21 tells us that Abraham was “fully convinced that God was able to do what he had promised.” I hope this for myself and for you, also. Let us be faithful to praise God for what he has done as well as for what he has promised to do since, by faith, we know it will be so.

If we are willing to daily delight in the things the Lord has given us, how much more so should we delight in the Lord?

“He answered, ‘I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.’” Luke 19:40

We are made to worship.

Jesus tells the Pharisees as he enters Jerusalem on Palm Sunday that even if his disciples were kept silent, all other creation would praise him. But friend, I come to you today to say, let’s not let the stones cry out. Let us worship God as we are created to do, first most and forevermore.

I have a stone that I keep in the driver’s side door in my car. It was given to me as a prayer rock. It sweetly reminds me of God’s love for me every time I see it. It sounds crazy that a rock can spur my delight in the Lord, but I love that I can be reminded to worship God by seeing something small that he made.

It’s hard to imagine this rock crying out to God, praising him though. Oh, the ache in me if I knew I had been silent in worship towards God so much so that the stones began to cry out.

Let us worship him!

I hope to be encouraged by hearing stories from you too about how God has set reminders in your life to worship him. Let me know in the comments below. Maybe you too can set a rock or a stone in your driver’s side door as a sweet reminder that you are made to worship and to worship the Lord.

Shawnee McClure

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  1. Laura

    I must remind myself often that The Lord INHABITS ( Powerful word) the Praises of His People!!!

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