I Don’t Agree With You Whoopi Goldberg by Gloria Toti

The news of the leaked draft opinion of how Roe v. Wade is possibly being overturned by the Supreme Court is M.I.R.A.C.U.L.O.U.S.

We know this can be called a modern-day miracle.  

History of great proportion is being written in our day.  We have seen it with our very own eyes.

What a day to be alive – I think I know what it felt like to be in the midst of the people of God hearing the great news of the Jericho Walls falling.  The shouts must have been overwhelming.  Shouts of thanks must have been tattooed on the clouds of heaven in that time as they are this week. 

Justice belongs to God.  

And of course, we are left saying, THANK YOU, LORD.  

It was overdue for this evil to be exposed for what it is.  IT’S MURDER OF INNOCENT CHILDREN.  

Although many in our society believe that they should determine who lives or dies, there are more who don’t believe this lie.  

God help us. 

Show us mercy.    

I believe this is another Gideon moment where evil altars are being removed at night and it leaves the people in the city in an uproar when morning arrives.  

Did you all catch the words that Whoopi Goldberg spoke on the view today?

I did, and I would like to tell Whoopi she is walking on thin ice.  God is real.  God is not mocked.  God is the giver of life.  We are His creation and therefore He is in control.  

Here is her quote: 

“Abortion is between my doctor, myself, and my child”

Wait, Whoopi, the child is too young to weigh in on what you just said.  


I bet your words would be challenged if that child could answer you.

Let’s wait until that child grows up and ask them if they agree or disagree with you.

I believe most would say, I want to live just like you have lived.  

I believe this decision helps turn this evil around for our nation.  

Rectify our wrong Father…continue to show us mercy when we don’t deserve it.  We repent Father for the sins of our nation.  Thank you for your grace.  We love you! 

Ladies, Sunday is coming, and we will be celebrating Mother’s Day once again! 

You are the fabric this world. 

Thank you for all you do.  Check back next week as we talk about a Mother’s love for her children. 



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  1. Sue Davis

    Beautiful article!
    Our God is the giver of life and today I shout , “Thank you Lord God for that precious gift!”
    Thank you, thank you!

  2. Steven Lewis

    I’m in total agreement that God is enlightening what is morally right in His eyes and Whoopi is brave to think she can mock God’s word.

  3. Delia DeLeon

    Amen!! 💯% agree.!!
    Glory to God!!!

  4. Carroll Lockett

    Right on! What a great word, Gloria! Thank you for being a difference-maker in this world. Please continue to lift high the banner of the One who loves us all. You are speaking for so many, many of us.

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