Your Life Story is Nonfictional by Gloria Toti

Do you realize the day you are living today is in your FOREVER story?

It’s now or never. How long has it been since you’ve heard or used those words? If you’re a parent, you might be using those words often. I remember doing that, and I’d tell the boys it’s now or never. And, I somewhat had a tone because at this point it just seemed like it was a parent to a child relationship and in that moment I’d say it’s now or never – jump in – no more procrastination, get to it buddy.


But, it doesn’t have to be used that way. Those words – it’s now or never – actually can be used from a positive standpoint by saying something like this: it’s now or never – look, we’ve done our very best in preparing this project, this proposal, let’s go ahead and submit it and believe for the best outcome.

But today I’m actually going to flip the script.  I’m actually going to give it a twist and say, it’s now and forever.

I’m not sure what you think about when I say those words, but I want us to recognize that every single day we are stepping into eternity. Here’s what Mark Batterson says. He says, “every day eternity is invading our time.” And he’s saying that we are walking right into our future.

So it really challenges our mindset where we think of the future being way, way, way, way out there. No, it’s actually here today. And so I know that I challenged you all to focus on your inputs and your outputs last week so that way you could win days rather than lose days and have more wins rather than losses at the end of our days, because we’re all made to win. It is God’s life story.

So I want to ask you a question. What life story are you telling yourself? What story lines are you using? Are they defeating? Are they encouraging you? Are they challenging you? Where are you? What is your storyline read? Is it a comedy or anadventure? Because the life that we’re living is non-fictional, the story is being told and it is eternal.

My friends, I want to leave you with this because I believe God welcomes our bold prayers. And I believe that we have to focus on the work alreadydone by him. He was the orchestrator, the engineer, the generator of this life that he has afforded us. And he wants to release us. He already finished the work he’s released us and we have to go and believe him for it.

We have to step into being brave and bold in order to win days and not stay stuck. And so there’s a heavenly pattern and he told us this: I’m the Victor. You’re the enforcers. I am the Redeemer. You’re the releasers. I’m in production. You’re in distribution. And my friends, what are we distributing? Are we in distributing hope?

Are we distributing a life story that’s possible, and that we can go after? I challenge you go win the day.


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