Flowers Remind Me of Grace by Shawnee McClure

Flowers have always reminded me of grace. A seed is planted, and then the Sun has to penetrate the soil, deep into the dark layers, as well as Living Water needing to seep through the compacted dirt to be absorbed by the seed. It then opens up, just barely at first, to break free from its shell. With more life from the Sun and Living Water, roots begin to take place and growth develops in the stem. It has to defy the natural force of this world that keeps things down, gravity. The stem eventually grows strong enough to break through the barrier of dirt it was planted within and blooms upright to face the Sun.

Although there are many different types of dirt around the world that can sustain a variety of life, they still all thrive on the same source of life, the Sun and Living Water.

We too have our own stories, our own darkness that we have lived in or are currently trying to rise through to feel the vitality of the Sun in full light. But we should never compare the prick of a thorn from a rose to the poke of flowering thistle. Our stories are different so we feel and engage emotionally different, but the source of our identity and the reason for our lives are from the same source, the life giving love of Jesus Christ.

Matthew 6:30 tells us, “But if God clothes the grass of the field, which today is alive and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, will he not much more clothe you?”

This verse encourages me. When I look at the wonderful beauty of nature, even the simplest bloom and consider its beauty, I am reminded of how much more God thinks of me, made in his image and for his glory.

My hope is for both you and me to be encouraged, knowing that all of nature experiences trials as it sustains life yet the intricacies of our own lives are much more precious to God than the beautiful bloom of a flower.

Shawnee McClure

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  1. Laura Lewis

    Beautiful 🌸🌺🌸

  2. Yolanda Davila

    Wow- I love this!

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