She Refuses To Keep Silent Knowing She Can Help by Gloria Toti

This entire month we have journeyed into the surreal path of pain for many in hopes of letting them know they are not forgotten.  It was also our sincere desire to send hope to those struggling in silence or hopelessness. Deep down my heart wanted to speak value and love over all our readers. We know life is filled with struggle and sometimes we forget we are not alone.  Today, I hope you know that things can change – tomorrow can look different even if today you are clinging to the North-Face of life’s mountain.

If you are a loved one holding the brokenness of a suicide story or experiencing loss, I want you to know that you are being prayed for this day by many in our circle.  I know God would want to remind you that His grace has the power to reach the depths of the pain you are experiencing now.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE. YOU ARE LOVED…


Mo Isom is our upcoming speaker for our conference on October 18th and she is no stranger to the pain that suicide leaves in one’s tear-stained soul. After it all happened, there were a myriad of endless questions that riddled her mind, oh the why’s reverberated for months, then the anger was overwhelming…and then she wondered why he had done such a thing, and then the call to action to help others finally arrived and now she speaks out.

She moves forward in giving voice to her pain, and you have a chance to hear her story on October 18th at our Women’s Conference.

She will show up in brave-style on October 18th to tell others we have an opportunity to help others with our imperfect stories.  I know we will hear her say something close to this, “friends no one really has it as together as it seems.  LIFE IS HARD.”

We will gather to have conversations over topics of brokenness, sexual identity, hopelessness, suicide, promiscuity, and sexual design.  We long to see you join the table of friends who dare step in to be real with our pain, our grief, our disappointments and we can’t forget OUR victories to come.


Mo Isom is a Louisiana State University Soccer Star who has a story of deep brokenness. 

At the age of 10, her curiosity was peaked when she glanced at pornography on accident.  You guessed it, her father did not secure his belongings and there it was.  This simple glance led Mo into a sea of sexual wanderings beyond what she thought she was capable of. Her confusion and pain almost caused her to end her life.   

Her story of redemption will be shared gracefully but with tremendous boldness!

#ME FIRST – live forward

is all about a sisterhood gathering where all our stories collide with pain and beauty 

This is a multigenerational event…

we want moms and daughters in attendance centered around the topic of sexual design,

we want grandmothers in attendance since many are raising grandchildren,

we want peer, youth, & sports groups to join us since friends have a lot of influence for both the good, the bad and the uglyLet’s do what we can to empower them to choose wisely.

Music artist, Ron Bultgonez, will also join us for the after party – he comes straight off of the American Idol stage. His story from the Congo to America is an interesting one as well.  It will be a fun purposeful event for girls as young as junior high on up.


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