Girl, Start Looking Around by Gloria Toti


Last week, we talked about single living and the significance every single has in God’s world.  

Of course, society tries to push another narrative, and practically begs singles to live from relationship to relationship, and that’s not the answer my friends.  Friend, fight that nonsense.  Yesterday’s sad status cannot become the norm.

Today, let’s focus on the value of being single, and the fact that people are staying single longer than ever before—singles are not an anomaly. 

There is so much hidden value that comes with being single which is often overlooked.  Sometimes, I wonder if married couples entertain the days when life was easier as a single.  “Those were the days…”

Of course, my heart goes out to every single mom and dad out there.  That’s hard living.  

We will talk about that season on next week’s video.  You are today’s heroes. 

…Back to our conversation about singleness. 

Here are some unexpected benefits of being single that you should be celebrating.  

1. There’s more time to develop strong friendships: 

Singles have extremely strong relationships. 

They have the space and the bandwidth to spend quality time with friends and family. 

Being single is a great opportunity to extend your social circle, as compared to their married counterparts.

2.  Stronger understanding of yourself and your interests  

Jumping from one relationship to another can leave little room for you to reflect and grow. 

Take a moment to analyze and develop a better understanding of who you are as a person. 

Once you know yourself, you can work towards goals and hobbies that make you happy instead of following the crowd.

3.  It’s a great feeling to know that all you need to feel happy and whole is you and God.

Learning to be single and happy involves counting on yourself – watch yourself become more confident and mature as an individual.  

Over time you will become an expert on fending for yourself and taking care of your own needs.

Independent living is challenging and rewarding at the same time. 

Single friends, when you’re not emotionally bound to another person, you have complete freedom to learn, grow, and explore God’s world.  You can be as good at this as you desire.  You can be free of any guilt associated with taking time for self-care.

What a beautiful season this can be.  

Maybe, it’s time for a heart change, or a greater perspective in what kind of gift you hold.

Don’t squander this season looking at the wrong things. 

AND THEN REMEMBER TO…look at who is in front of you.  God MIGHT BE putting in front of you someone you might be overlooking. 

Keep dreaming it doesn’t cost anything…


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