Get In A Circle of Friends…

We all know that life is hard and it requires us to step up and fight for what is ours.

Would you agree or disagree if I told you we are stronger together? I hope you said, “I agree.” When I go through the things life throws at me, I want others to come alongside me for support. If you think that could make me look weak, think again. I know these sista’s will laugh or cry with me depending on the situation…but most importantly, I know they will pray for me.

And, that is why I love our LIFE (friend) GROUPS. They give us an opportunity to meet others and grow together. Did you notice I said LOVE not just like our life groups? Friends, I just have to say that God shows up big when we take the time to prioritize our growth in Him. And, I should mention that we are a force to be reckoned with when we unite. Just saying.

So, our three new groups are about to begin, and we want to hold a seat for you. We will have an intro night on September 12th and we would be thrilled to have you join us.

We meet at 6701 University – look for the signs or ask someone how to get to the group that resonates with you at this divine moment in your life.

~ Gloria Toti