Growing In Your Zone by Denise Dietz

Mom and I were thrilled to find ourselves at a local nursery browsing the unending beauty of plants in full bloom. Row-after-row of color drew us in
and captured our interest. Each plant seemed to say, “Pick me.” Like two kids in a candy store, we quickly filled our cart to overflowing. We had plants
of every kind. Some grew tall, some small, some prickly and some with variegated patterns. There was something special in each of them. The
excitement blinded us from checking the compatibility of growing in our zone. We are located in Zone 7, which takes into consideration
temperatures for the area and a plant’s ability to survive the winter. This is especially important when choosing perennial plants, in order to know if they will over-winter to return the next year. You can learn more about planting zones from one of my favorite sources, The Farmer’s Almanac.
Nonetheless, after making it home with our bounty of beautiful plants we soon realized one of our prickly selections was not compatible with Zone 7.
We were at a crossroad, adjust the plan or force the plant into a certain death. Of course, for the love of the plant we adjusted – but there was a
great truth seeded in my heart from this experience.
My friends, we are all growing in “zones.” The zones of our lives can be singleness, parenting young children, grandparents, starting a business,
infertility, divorce, empty nest, building a business, caring for parents…there are too many to name them all. I think you can relate to one or two of these.
You see what’s good to grow in one zone, may not be well suited for another. So rather than force the plan, we can adjust. More than ever, this season of
social distancing has forced respect to the zone. I’ve felt the stretch and pull of it and had to ask myself, “What zone are you in?” I’m planting moments
with kids, making memories with parents and enjoying spontaneous fun. These contain seeds of potential for an uncertain future and I’m hopeful we’ll enjoy a delicious harvest from our zone! Let’s cultivate what we have. God has given this life to us. This life. Right now. The one we’re living. It’s
the only life we get. God designed it with a great love for us. He trusted us with it. We have to care for what’s ours. Where do you live? What is your zone? Plant what will flourish.
Denise Dietz

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  1. Terisa Clark

    Great inspiration!
    I am definitely growing in my zone

  2. Joyce Herron

    This is a thought provoking read. I agree we are in different eras of our lives. Sometimes, I will start wishing for an earlier
    era of my life…When my children were young, When I had my husband. When I was younger. When we lived near my
    parents….. and many others. However, I have learned to stop and say “Evidently, God is not finished with me yet. I ask,’Why am I still here? Obviously, He is not finished with me yet. Thank you, Denise, for reminding me that I am in the
    exact era God wants me in. May the Lord help me to listen to Him and use it the way He intends for me.

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