Healthy Choices by Gloria Toti

Our status quo mindsets can’t be carried into 2021. Let’s reset our health goals!!!

I’m here at a gym that is going to be packed the next four weeks with people with great intentions, but unless they have three very important things, they most likely will not be here on February 1st. Over the next three weeks, I want to share what I have found to be crucial in achieving the next level of goals.

They could be relational goals. They could be career goals. They could be spiritual goals or they could be health goals. The first thing you must have is a mindset that encourages growth and lines up with what God says about you and his promises. In Proverbs 23:7, it says “as a man thinks so is he.” In my heart, I consider myself a non-gym goer, but the pain of carrying that regret each day is getting rather heavy. Did you notice I used the words non-gym goer, and I probably looked down at the time, instead of saying I’m lazy when it comes to working out. Generally the negative voices we hear in our heads, they speak lies about our identity. They’re not the truth about who God made you and has called you to be.

It’s amazing how we allow ourselves to get away with our non- empowering voices in our heads and in our routines. Yet, we desperately desire the opposite of what those lies are telling us.

Do you see Jennifer working out over here?

She is a world-class athlete.

She is a professional bodybuilder.

She knows what it takes to get in shape.

She knows discipline at a level most of us will never ever know. Yet, Jennifer would tell each of us that it starts with our minds. When we get our minds in shape then anything is possible. I hope you are not convincing yourself right in this moment that you would work out, but you don’t have the time or perhaps the money. With or without a gym membership, we can all do something.

We can start with walking. We can start with jumping rope in the air. We can do girl push-ups. We can do sit-ups with our hands in front of our heads, right Jennifer? We can stretch, or we can run/walk… just take a break every now and then. Let’s all make a plan and let’s let someone know that they can hold us accountable.

She heard me.

You must have a buddy, a companion and a cheerleader. Let’s take on 2021 with a vengeance. Let me leave you with this, “whatever hinders our path and the place we would rather be, must be dealt with.”

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  1. Laura

    Excellent! God wants us to be good stewards of everything He has given us including our bodies. Exercise and eating healthy along with physical check-ups is part of being faithful stewards of our physical bodies. And as Pastor quoted, our bodies belong to God and consequently our bodies health is a reflection of our souls health.

  2. Deborah Walkup

    Huzzah, Gloria! You have permission to ask me how many times I’ve gone to the gym any given week. Goal is at least 3x. I actually love it, but as you implied, we can always find other things that seem more urgent, other things we want to cross off our to-do list. But we’ll feel better if we take care of these bodies God has given us. Let’s get moving, ladies! Grab a friend, find something you like to do, and get out there!

  3. Gloria Toti

    Your words stepped on my toes in a beautiful way. I’m stepping up my game and prioritizing my health and my temple. It’s the only body I (WE) have. Let’s not play around. Happy New Year to you dear one.

  4. Gloria Toti

    I was actually speaking directly to myself in that video. I am going to prioritize healthy habits, which includes sweating at a gym. I can’t believe I said that, but it’s time. I’ll check in on you, and you can do the same for me. Accountability is the best – we do so much better when someone is watching over us and coaching us through our lazy/hard/tired moments of life.

  5. Gloria

    Friends, I just sent a text to Jennifer, she will begin to train me shortly. I think I’m ready. How are you all doing?

  6. Gloria Toti

    Hey girl, how is your gym activity? I’m not doing that great. Just saying…

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