How’s Your Prayer Life Lately? by Linda Johnson

Are you seeing results when you pray or in what you pray for?

Are your prayers answered?

Do you really believe John 14:13-14?

“Whatever you ask in My Name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask Me anything in My Name, I will do it.”

Now, there are several things that can hinder our prayers, doubt being one of them. We must believe that Jesus meant what He said. Doubt can steal His promises from us. We must believe and have faith in His Word.

We also need to learn how to ask the Father in the Name of Jesus. As we mature spiritually, we must mature in our prayer life as well. While we are babies our parents take care of all our needs. As we grow to toddlers, we learn to get our needs met with a simple, “Dada, Mama” and our parents come running. As we grow further, we say, “Cookie!” but soon our parents say, “How do you ask for a cookie?” and we reply, “Cookie, please.”

Our parents expect us to mature and grow in our ability to communicate with them. For the most part our parents are patient with us as they teach us how to communicate. If a teenager tried to ask for something the same way a baby asks, I doubt they would get the same results.

Our Heavenly Father is no different. He meets our needs as baby Christians. The Holy Spirit is gentle with us trying to guide us, direct us and teach us how to become spiritually mature, but we have a part to play in our own maturity if we want John 14:13-14 to work for us.

We need to get into the Word of God and find out what Jesus tells us about praying to the Father, then we need to put these things into practice. The more time you spend in the Word and prayer, the more your faith will be built up. The more you believe what Jesus said is true, and you have the faith to stand on that belief, without doubt, that’s when your prayers will be answered as in John14:13-14.

The time is now. Know what the Word says about prayer and the promises that we can stand on. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Trying to tackle an attack of the enemy will require more than “Dada, cookie, please.”  He longs for you to know how to use all of the tools He has already provided for you in His Word…in order to be the victorious warrior He has created you to be in battle.

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