The Healing Season by Dianna Huber

“The healing season…is it complete?” Thinking about the question, I answered.  “Life is a journey.  Healing will always be needed, but I feel this chapter is concluding.”  

“There’s torn up pages in this book, words that tell me I’m no good.  Chapters that’ve defined me for so long.  But the hands of grace and endless love dusted off and picked me up.  Told my heart that hope is never gone….God is in this story…”  (Katy Nichole & Big Daddy Weave) 

We ALL have a story…

I remember the day when a friend and I talked with our pastor about how we felt we didn’t have a story.  Raised in the church, we felt unrelatable to the world around us.  Little did I know the journey that was coming, the years of being IN the church, but wrestling with feelings of inadequacy, the constant loop of thoughts and actions in the wrestle with a mental illness many often dismissed with humor, and fighting for my freedom until a fateful night where Jesus miraculously brought a new chapter of instant healing, followed by a long season of learning how to live free.

Am I healed?  Yes!  Jesus healed me.  And I continue to discover more about the full John 10:10 zoe life He has for me, with a promise of purpose and finding Him when I seek Him with all of my heart (Jeremiah 29:11-12).  And Jesus has that for you, too.  If you find yourself needing Jesus to intersect your story:

  1. Confess:  We have to admit there’s a problem before we can find healing, restoration and wholeness.
  2. Find help:  In my long journey toward wholeness, I had to realize the many facets of my life that were under attack and not operating under the wholeness Jesus brings.  There was a season where I needed a doctor, others where I needed trusted counselors, others where I had friends and family cheering me on through the journey.  If you feel that you need help, I encourage you to call the church and set up a first appointment with one of our Biblical life coaches to start a conversation.
  3. Surrender:  I had to come to the point where the pain of staying the same was worse than the pain of changing and allowing God to do a healing work.  I was desperate for relief and help, and I traded every scrap of illness, fear, and insecurity for what Jesus had to offer me-a renewed identity as a daughter of God-His warrior princess.
  4. Don’t journey alone:  Find a community where you can grow, where you can replace the negative with the truth of God’s Word, and continue to grow in your identity as HIS beloved.  Prize 31 has incredible classes that will take you deep in God’s Word, and also allow you to build friendships with other women on journey alongside you.  We’re all in this together-growing in our identities as His children until the day Jesus returns!  Cheering you on, dear sister!

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