Woke Is Not Normal by Gloria Toti



We have all watched homosexuality take center stage in our nation, churches, and homes – so what are we to do?  We enter the conversation with a gentle and loving tone.

We know this lifestyle is being advertised as normal, but it’s not normal.

It has so many young people dealing with questions like this:

  • Is same sex attraction really that bad?
  • Why did God make me this way?

Or perhaps, you are a parent who experienced your child being drawn into this lifestyle, and now you’re not as opposed as you were before.  You now embrace it for your child because you want your child to be happy because after all isn’t love the same for everyone no matter their sex attraction?

Perhaps today, you are the one who walked straight into a homosexual relationship because you don’t think there is anything wrong this lifestyle, or maybe you were just curious and now you feel stuck.

Well, today, we are not going to condemn anyone.  

We are simply going to center our conversation around the words of our eternal parent –

God himself, and we are going to look at what He has already spoken.   The issue has never been confusing to Him.  While the world talks about homosexuality, the subject remains taboo in many homes and churches.  The fear of being labeled as hateful, a bigot, or ignorant has kept many Christians out of the conversation.

The church cannot remain silent because it leaves many people who love God confused about what the Bible really says about sexuality.

God doesn’t want us to pose as Christ followers while living in sexual sin.

He knows full well picking and choosing to live by only part of His instruction for us is not safe for anyone.  It’s obvious that we are living in end times, and the Bible has spoken how homosexuality would be prevalent as in more aggressive than in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.  That is a reference to two cities in the Bible that were clearly judged by God for their flagrant sin before him.

When the Bible is not the authority in our lives, what is?   Our own opinions.

Can we as God’s people affirm what God never affirms?  The right answer is NO.  Join us next week as we continue the conversation around this topic and God’s eternal love for his children.

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