Our Sexual Design Matters by Gloria Toti


Do you think the Creator had a plan for our sexuality when He created us? 

Do you think He cares about the cultural sexual imprint attempting to be tattooed on our souls?  

Spoiler alert.  

We were not made for sexual sin.  

Sin is a separator – it is a term that means “missing the mark.”

Somehow the world we find ourselves

living in doesn’t care about that

small detail.  

It has many only thinking about today, and that is sneaky business.  The enemy is hoping for the masses to miss the mark – we all see it.  Satan is working overtime to encourage us to be the boss of our own love story. 

Anything goes, as long as you are happy – choose whoever, whenever, and however. 

Don’t slow down to think about the gender or the age of your partner, married or unmarried, whether it’s legal or not…just be happy.  

The new motto being piped into the streets is this:  Rewrite history.

Society as a whole has taken the enemy up on that offer.

We don’t even care to blush anymore.  It’s an all-out war against this generation—their young minds and souls are being reshaped with a new norm, which actually is an old norm.  It’s called sin.

There is a huge problem with us looking for love according to our own plan.  It separates us from God. The devil knows we can’t serve two masters, so he is working hard to separate us from our original design – he loves to see us scramble to try find fig leaves for the private areas of our lives where we are missing the mark.  

Remember how he lied to Eve?  In Genesis 3, we see how the devil told Eve she would be like God if she just participated in eating a piece of fruit. Well, it was from the tree God lovingly warned for them not to partake in that temptation.  Satan lied.  The truth was, Eve was already like God since man was made in the image of God, and woman came from man.  What Satan meant was, if she sinned, she would be like him – fallen. This sin led them to be removed from the garden.  They were evicted from the presence of God as they knew it.  The devil’s entire existence is consumed with destroying man’s relationship with God…and condemning us in the process.

As human beings we are torn between obedience to God and His Word, and disobedience to them.  Just as sin was not permitted to remain in the garden, sin won’t be permitted in heaven.  

Sin not only ends in physical death but more alarming spiritual death.  Let’s pick up our conversation next week on the topic of our sexual identities. and who we are allowing to form them.  Hint, we will discuss Genesis 18…. 

See you next week. 


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