I Was Never Alone by Diane Qubty

The thunder roared and rain splashed against my windows. Lightning flashed around me and I asked myself again why I hadn’t left sooner. My foot pressed the pedal as I tried to beat the storm but here I was, thirty minutes to go, treading water and praying there would be no hail. My knuckles were white and my stomach and shoulders were hurting.
Have you ever felt that way about life? You’re coming into a storm- you can’t avoid it- and the stress is killing you. Fear and anxiety have a hard grip on you. I’m so bad about looking at everything I need to get done and it overwhelms me to the point of feeling sick. I can think of things I should have done and feel unbearable guilt. People hurt you, sometimes by accident…and sometimes on purpose. I don’t think I even have words for how it feels to watch your child suffer…or to lay them to rest. And…I try to handle it all by myself. Why do hard times make us feel alone?

We forge ahead. I forged ahead in the rain, realizing how far forward I was now sitting. As my tension grew I focused on my situation and the two ton machine that I somehow thought I could control with my own strength. How would gripping the steering wheel so tightly help anything, much less sitting on the edge of my seat? These things were only making me hurt! I had to trust my car. My stress didn’t change the drive. As I took in a deep breathe and tried to relax I heard my Father’s voice. ‘Trust me! When life is too hard, why do you try to control what I’ve already got in my hands? I am with you. I’m so much bigger than you. I’ll share my strength with you. I’ve got things under control. I love you more than you’ll ever realize, daughter of mine. Don’t be afraid. You are never alone. Trust your Father. I love you completely and unconditionally. Rest under my wings and let me take the wheel.’

“Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid. The Lord, the Lord himself, is my strength and my defense; he has become my salvation.” Isaiah 12:2
“I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Hebrews 13:5b
Be Blessed

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  1. Jessica Delgado

    Yes I have felt that way about my life

  2. Shawnee McClure

    Oh, I definitely feel like I am always learning in new ways to trust God to squash my fears! So good!

  3. Diane Qubty

    Thanks girls. He is so trustworthy!

  4. Fonda Engel

    I am out of work right now so I am finding my self waking up during the night to fill out job applications and do job searches . I have to remind myself constantly to stop stressing and pray for his guidance. Thank you for sharing this . ❤️

  5. Glenda Brown

    Thank you for sharing your message. It is so comforting.

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