Christmas is Generosity in Action by Gloria Toti

Who is already done with their shopping?  I haven’t even started.  

This year, my focus

is not

on gifts to purchase, and that’s new for me.  I love giving gifts.  

This year, I’m turning my eyes upward toward the true GIFT – the true meaning of Christmas Himself.  

As we get ready to celebrate Christmas 2021, let’s think about detailed God’s story lays out for all to see.  The words of the Bible are full of life that would act like mirrors for us.   

He chose those people to show us the good, the bad, and the ugly of real LIFE because we would be dipping our foot in the same pool when we had our chance.  

He knew we would need to know somebody else had been naughty instead of nice.  

I love to look at the gifts under the tree and think about how Christ is the ultimate gift on the tree.  He brought light into our lives. 

The red ribbon reminds me of the blood. 

The gold ribbon reminds me of royalty.  I’m a daughter of God.  

I bet if you close your eyes right now and whisper your name with those words, your heart will warm inside of your chest.  Those words are divine just as God intended them to be.  

He knew that the enemy would use the holidays to magnify the weak spots in our soul.  

Today, I want to challenge my own heart to stop that habit of focusing on my weakness.  

And I want to challenge you to do the same.  

I’m choosing to focus on the peace God gifted to us in the name of a baby divinely placed within the womb of a young virgin.  JESUS is his name. 

God named him and gave him a plan.  To redeem us back to him.  

Wipe a tear.  That’s huge my friends.  

Let’s not focus on the things that rob us of our peace, instead this day let’s focus on how valuable we are to God that He would love us so.  If you don’t know that He is crazy in love with you, please receive those words – because it is true.  

Not sure what 2021 was like for you, but 2022 is rounding the corner and God has plans for the next season of your life – what are you asking Him for?  It can be a simple prayer that sounds like this:  God help me align my life with the things you have for me.  

He’s ready to hear you voice your desires – are you ready to hold on to your end of the faith rope? 


You have what it takes friend..

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    I too have not purchased Christmas gifts but I have been blessed with WORDS. If you don’t want to get out and shop.
    If you want to be a blessing this Christmas, take some paper, it does not need to be fancy because people really don’t mind if it is a plain piece of paper. One of the best gifts I have ever received is in a little jar with a lid. It is from my grands. One
    year when money was short, my daughter and her family wrote on small strips of paper MEMORIES AND WHY THEY
    LOVED GRANDMA. I have had it for several years. I keep it in a special place. When I am lonely or needing a lift, I go
    get it and read some of the messages. It always lifts my spirits.

  2. Mary Huizar


  3. Gloria Toti

    Joyce, this part of your story is profound…like most of your stories are – we love hearing from you and taking in the wonder of your amazing life with God.

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