Maybe We Should Pay Attention by Gloria Toti


Do you think individuals in society should be able to change the rules on what a sexual relationship should look like?  

What would happen if some people in society thought we should stop at green lights instead of red lights?  It would get crazier than it already is out there, right? 

We don’t have that right to change the rules because we believe we can.  It will cause chaos.  Well, the last time I checked, the bible was not being revised.

It still calls sex outside of marriage sin, and the context of marriage God is referring to is a male and a female in a covenant relationship before Him.  Don’t miss that last part-it’s important.

So today, we are switching gears because we can’t only focus on homosexual sin and at the same time ignore the sins of heterosexuals.

Remember the speck scripture we find in Matthew 7:4

“Get it out of your own eye before you try and take it out of mine.”  

But truly, what was Jesus suggesting here:  that we all deal with our own personal sins because we all have some stashed away.

I also believe it is a reminder that we can’t be hard on someone else and easy on ourselves.   We all need moral boundaries because the enemy seeks to trap us and then shame us. 

As we see in scripture, the word fornication comes from the Greek word “porneuo”, which means to commit fornication…which is sexual immorality before God.

In our society, it is not uncommon for boyfriends and girlfriends to engage in premarital sex.

Even if they love each other, they are fornicating, and this is sin.  This is why He gave us the scriptures to live by.  

I Corinthians 7:2 teaches us this 

 “But since sexual immorality is occurring, each man should have sexual relations with his own wife, and each woman with her own husband.”  

Cohabitating was not God’s design.  He doesn’t want us to attend church and live as if nothing is wrong.  

I believe we Christians may have become tolerant of our carnal culture because we too have lost our reverence for a godly lifestyle. 

Whether you are caught in a heterosexual temptation or homosexual temptation, 

God is sending a warning to be careful with the sexual landmines around your life.  

Let’s look at what Proverbs 6:3 says to the men: 

“But the man who commits adultery is an utter fool, for he destroys himself.”

Women aren’t off the hook either – let’s read Proverbs 30:20:

“This is the way of the adulterous woman; she eats and wipes her mouth and says, I’ve done nothing wrong.”

Today, if you are tempted with sexual impurity, ask God for His help.  He doesn’t want you to live below your emotional or spiritual means. 

Sexual sin comes in a lot of different packages.  Let’s fight it.  

Now for those who thought I was just picking on a certain class of people, I am not.  

I am about honoring a holy God who loves beyond measure.  

Imagine what it can be like to live according to the design of the DESIGNER HIMSELF. 

See you next week as we discuss:  Romans 6:23 






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