Sparkling Gems by Tina Gonzalez

“Singing and Dancing in Heavenly Realms”

If these Walls could Talk
If these Walls could Say
Portraits of People
Memories Displayed

My youngest son Zion just graduated from High School and we just finished a glorious celebration of his accomplishments and hard work as both of my sons have set their sights and sails towards Texas Tech University. As I was sorting through Graduation pictures and new memories ready to hang on the wall, my eyes (and heart) immediately honed-in on one of the most important precious portraits of all. Right in the midst of the sea of faces and treasure trove of memories was the solid Rock, Foundation and Super Glue of our Family…….JESUS !
His beautiful face smiling back at me spoke volumes……

Letting Loose – Letting Go
Timetables that open with Seasons that Flow
Pockets of Time
Beautiful Powerful Movement
Harmonizing Beginning from the End
Changing Tides
Creating Ebb and Flow

Two weeks prior to Graduation day, I cried buckets of tears ( both joyful and sad ) pondering this new season I was entering into. My sister immediately came over and prayed with me. As she prayed about this new chapter in my life, she had a small day vision. In this vision she saw me and the Lord walking through a door onto a new path. My two sons were always somewhere nearby. As Jesus and I walked side by side together, the most beautiful things kept popping-out! As I journeyed along with Him, my sister saw beautiful colors everywhere, new sights and sounds and special places to rest, relax and refresh. There was even new smells and things to touch and taste. After we prayed and she shared this special vision, I felt a heavy weight lift and I was re-focused and even felt joy in my spirit!

Buried Treasure All Around
Multifaceted – Sparkling
Singing and Dancing in Heavenly Realms
Prayers Lifted – Timetables Shifted
Pockets of Silver
Pockets of Gold
If I Truly Heard – If I Fully Understood
My Heart would Unfold!

Later in my personal prayer time, the Precious Lord, the Mighty Rock and Super Glue of our family said, ” Tina, I Am adding to your family…not subtracting. Look for multiplications and additions as you pray into this glorious new chapter. I Am not going to pull the rug out from under you. Instead, we will be making slight turns and bends. It’s about joy along the journey and buried treasure along the way not immediately seen or available when you use your earthly senses.
Pray into your Spiritual senses of sight , smell, taste, hearing, touch and feelings. Choose to sing and dance with an open heart and open hands to explore new faces- new places, new doors of opportunity, refreshing and renewal. ”

This is a Time of Refreshing
This is a Time of Change
The Traditions are Dumbfounded
And the Replacements are Weightless Hearts with Freedom Shaped Wings!

Praise The Lord for Gods Treasure Chest as I step-out with Him instead of groping and grasping for things of the past. Thank you Lord for all of the exciting Gems along the way and that You hold the Treasure map and know exactly where everything is. Sparkling Gems already singing and dancing in Heavenly realms just waiting for me…….

Foundations (Jesus our Mighty Rock) and Wisdom go Hand in Hand
One is the Source and One is the End!

” JESUS and ME” …… Love TINA G.

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  1. Barbara May


  2. Heather Swift

    Absolutely beautiful, this is a poem ❤️

  3. Penny+Gillentine

    This is perfect for people so into the lows of change. That they don’t really see & enjoy the unseen wonders and possibilities that come along with change!! The excitement of coming into who God has in store for you!! The growth from beginning til now and the continuing growth each day brings ✨️ ❤️

  4. Tina Gonzalez


  5. Tina Gonzalez

    Thank you Heather!
    Really appreciate that!

  6. Tina Gonzalez

    Amen Penny! Very well said…..Thanks for sharing 💖

  7. Lois Pukansky

    Life in Jesus is full of excitement and joy! Lord, forgive me for not living in that joy and blessing. Thank you, Tina for giving me a glimpse into the joy and excitement of sunshine in Jesus!

  8. Tina Gonzalez

    Oh Lois, I Love your comment…Jesus is our JOY and He wants for us to join in what He’s doing and what He has for us no matter what season we are walking in. Thanks so much for sharing ❤❤

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