Girl, Cover Up That Stain Gloria Toti


We all have washing machines for our clothes but washing stains off our souls is not as easy as pushing a button on a machine.  

Soul care is not a matter of soap and water.  

Soul care is God care.  

Today, as you can tell, we are going to talk about soul stains.  

Yes, even the ones we are trying to hide but growing weary in trying.  

We all know when it’s not working.  



I’m glad that some strange influencer has not made wearing stained clothes a thing.  That would be a gross phenomenon.  Because you and I know as soon as we spill, we reach for a Tide pen, run to the bathroom to try to grub the grime away.  Sometimes it works, and most times it doesn’t.

We are left wearing the stained garment and then we sound like a parrot telling everyone what happened before they even notice the stain.  

Why do we draw attention to it?  

Does it really help us out when we tell others we made a mess we couldn’t clean up?  No.  Not really.  

So why do we do it?  

Maybe, in that moment it’s our way of wanting to change the garment off our soul…we want to normalize the embarrassment as fast as we can.  Our human nature wants to hide it, so we blurt out what happened.  If it was someone else’s fault, we want to shift that blame as fast as we can.  

Fresh smelling souls is not a simple toss in a machine and 30 minutes later you pull on a stain-free…fresh smelling soul.  

So where do we go from there since changing stained clothes is easy, soul changes are not as easy.  Think about how we are designed with a compartment called a soul.  

Each of us only owns ONE s.o.u.l.  

And that soul is made up of 

our mind, 

our will, 

and our emotions.

And life has a way of packing away grime in the crevices of our souls.  We can’t let soul stains keep us on the treadmill of life where we are compelled to act out in unhealthy ways.

Today, are you tired of the storyline you tell yourself?  I am.  

I bet God is too.  He longs to help us.  

Next week, we will look at Psalm 34– but for now, go read it.  Then come ready to enter the soul-care conversation.  See you next week. 




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