Speech Therapy by Gloria Toti 


We talked about our speech last week, and we are diving in again this week:
And I will start out with a quote:
“Good words are worth much, and cost little.”Now, are you ready for a sampling of what God wants us to know from a short book in the middle of our Bibles?
As I read a few of these admonitions from the book of Proverbs, let’s all pay attention to the voice of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  The words are as powerful as the day they were penned for our older brother’s and sisters.“The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life.” 
– have you been speaking life, doubt, or defeating speech to yourself or others?
“On the lips of those who have understanding wisdom is found.” 
-we are living in an hour where full lips are popular.
Our culture is saying more lipstick please, and God already said:  grow in wisdom and make it popular.
Moving right along: 
“The mouth of a fool brings ruin near.”
-fool is a strong word so let’s watch the invisible invites we are sending to the ruin crowd.As I continue reading keep in mind these are all in one chapter of Proverbs.  I think God is seriously and like a good parent He is trying to get our attention.
Whoever utters slander is a fool.” 
-LORD, convict our hearts.  
“When words are not many, transgression is not lacking but whoever restrains his lips is prudent.”
Lord, make us prudent and help us gain self-control over our fleshly desires.
“The lips of the righteous know what is acceptable but the mouth of the wicked what is perverse.” 
_Father, help us bring forth acceptable words in your sight. 
God’s wisdom literature is timeless.  
We can’t fall into a fantasy mindset that once we pray a salvation prayer, we can coast.  
This is war and the enemy knows that we will give 
ourselves a pass if invited to blame others and excuse ourselves. 

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