I’m Not Looking Twice

I love it when God of the universe takes the highlighter of heaven and marks up my Bible for me
as if to say – I want to show you something.

I know what that means – scripture is about to come alive and God is going to encourage me,
challenge me, or ask me to learn something to share it with others.

I know in that divine moment my spirit is about to entertain another beautiful revelation in
glory-style and I just take it all in.

Today, I want to share what God challenged me with this past week. The scripture comes from
Psalm 119:37 and it calls us all to do something that is not natural.

The outcome is a tall order, but God tells us about it because it is possible.

Here let’s read it together: “Turn away mine eyes from looking at worthless things – and give
me life in your ways” — so basically, the paraphrase version of this scripture could sound something like this:
“Make my eyes to pass, not noticing evil.”

Wait, not notice evil – is that even possible? Who can help themselves from noticing all the
worthless evil in the day they live in? Is that even possible?

It makes me wonder what worthless things were before this man of God. Perhaps they were
different to the things we see in our day, yet I bet they were probably very much the same.

The enemy takes the seed of temptation and the seed of fear that was instilled in us at the fall
of mankind, and he tries every single day to put God’s people in a state of doubt. He doesn’t
want us to believe in ourselves or to experience the power of our God.

Think about how this psalmist cries out to God and asks for help because evil was present in his
day, and He believes God can help him. I’m encouraged when someone has faith to see things
from a different perspective – despite what he clearly sees in front of him.

They speak faith because they know humanity has the choice to stay the same or to intersect
with God’s power.

So, how do we really live this out? Worthless things are all around us and they can bring
temptation, they can bring fear, or they can cause us to question God’s love for us.

I pray with a lot of individuals weekly, and I repeatedly hear how they need God’s
provision, and in those moments I am glad they have NOT turned away from God.

Yet, I know for many others in the church world they have stopped asking God for help because
they have become disillusioned and distracted by the weight of the immense confusion of
trying to clean up their lives without God’s help.

When we try to be the god of our own lives things will only get more confusing. That is a not
a safe place to be.

I know it is difficult to trust God when it seems that His answers are delayed but is the
alternative any better. Nope.

God loves us beyond measure, and He can help us focus on the things He wants us to see.
There is greatness all around us – if you don’t believe me, go look in the mirror and whisper,
give me life in your way, God.

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  1. Margaret Davis

    So good!
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