Redefining Love by Gloria Toti

I heard an expression this past week that challenged my theology…

“Love is Love”

In a world of FINDING YOUR PEOPLE in the sea of humanity, as we talked about last week, it can be a daunting endeavor to find lasting connection.  Every cell of our being knows when we have it and when we don’t.

It can be tempting to believe the world when it says you deserve love, all fifty shades of grey in between.  “How can love be wrong if it is love?”  

I’m here to say love is not love, love is God and God is love… in the form of his only begotten Son who died for you and me to have connection eternal.

Warning.  I’m this close to going on a rant because of this dangerous philosophy about love.

I see outlandish invites of FINDING YOUR TRIBE being sent to women in our society.  Of course, the heart of Jesus is to be inclusive, and he loves all his children regardless of where they find themselves or what tribe they follow.  But biblical truth is TRUTH, and when it comes to the secular confusion of love without boundaries, or the sinful distortion of love without conviction, we must be vigilant.  

The brash intentions of some educators who wish to indoctrinate our children remind me of what the Gibeonites did to the children of Israel in Joshua, chapter 9.  These outsiders tricked God’s people.  They lied to them.  They concocted a plan and told them a story, which the Israelites believed without hesitation, and offered compassion in place of skepticism.

The result was disobedience to the command of God.

We cannot be so accepting of the story of society as to forget God in the process, like the Israelites did with the best of intentions.  He will speak if we ask Him to weigh in before we act.  It will save us a lot of trouble and keep us from engaging in battles that we don’t belong fighting.  

Read the account in the book of Joshua, Chapter 9.  

These foreigners, the Gibeonites, wanted a peace treaty with Israel… to join tribes… to join the families of God.  They asked for an alliance with His people for the sake of their own existence but did so deceitfully by pulling the wool over the eyes of His people.

I see the same thing happening today in our world.  Outsiders are going as far as expecting us mommas to stand by while our kids are predisposed to “storytime” with drag queens, exposing their innocent minds to confusing concepts and secular falsehoods.   “No thank you” to that tribe or that kind of peace treaty.  We will not be hoodwinked like the Israelites were.

The voices of those who say ‘love is love’ are hitting a nerve with lonely people looking for love and searching for their tribe.  What the world calls love the Bible calls sin… this is not the type of TOGETHERNESS God established for mankind.  We cannot allow sympathy to replace our theology and distort the things God calls disobedience in the name of tolerance and acceptance.

This type of togetherness that the world is offering is dangerous, evil and sinful.  

The undercurrent of the leftist PRIDE-filled mindset (pun intended) is exploiting many in our society who think they are alone, feel isolated, or don’t belong to a healthy tribe… your children and our grandchildren are their target group, in the name of love.  

LOVE IS LOVE has become their brand – friends, this is not our tribe.  

When those invites are received in the soul of someone without a community, they may choose to join that tribe without seeing the spiritual dynamic at play.   AND THAT’S WHERE WE STEP INTO THE PICTURE.  If we know who we are and what God has called us to do, we rebuff that kind of danger in society.  

A thriving, fruitful community was God’s original plan for humankind, and it has not changed.  But we must be careful not to change it in the name of love.

It comes down this, our lack of true fellowship with our Heavenly Father leaves us without community.  We are designed to do life together and purposed to have a tribe, centered around Godly principles and values.  If we don’t know those principles and values, we can’t defend them.  



Jennie Allen

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