Manna- Let The Unwrapping Begin by Tina Gonzalez

Gifts are falling like Manna from the heavens,
My spirit sings with the upmost joy.
Can I catch them all……
Or will they fall and lay waste on the ground?
Collect them I must!
Open them, look and see,
What precious presents He has packed,
So careful – so thoughtfully.
Oh Look!  How can it be?
It shines and sparkles with brilliance,
And so effortlessly.
” This is the gift of Faith my child. Use it everyday as soon as you wake until the sun goes down and says it is time to sleep.”
Oh thank you Father….. Why, this box is bright orange and warm to the touch,
with what looks like flames of fire.
“The giftings of tongues precious daughter, utterances spoken that not just any man can understand. Unless I reveal, unless I say, this gifting box also holds that key! “
I am so excited and thankful to share this blog writing. I always pray and ask the Lord what does He want to talk about? Well, this particular time (post), He wanted to visit and discuss the nine Giftings of the Holy Spirit with an extra emphasis on Faith and  Heavenly Language. My understanding from prayer time is that the Church is in, or is about to be in, the pouring – out of Giftings and the Holy Spirit like never before. I thought it was so cool that He kept referring to this special time and giftings as “Manna” ……provision and sustenance in what looks like desert conditions around the world.  Of upmost importance and understanding, is that these gifts are for Everyone of His Children who have received His free gift of Salvation and then are filled-in with His Holy Spirit. There is plenty of Manna for everyone. It contains all that we need (sustenance). It is there for the taking. Will we accept? It is up to you and me whether or not we will pick it up and taste…consume it, use it and make it a part of us.
“Prayer is the key! To open-up what I am doing, To see what I see!”
Miracles abound and
Healings take place.
Tongues catch fire
Declaring Gods sovereignty,
His Lordship, Love and Grace!
Clouds gather rain and fall where they may,
But it is up to you and me.
Will we bend over, pick-up, accept and gather?
Or will we become hardened, unsure or even complacent and dissatisfied?
These precious gifts are a delivered promise that when combined with faith, opens up the Heavenlies and manifests the spiritual realm into the earthly.
Manna is full of Love and Grace. It is never to be used on an empty stomach.
Consistent prayer…. Reading and chewing on scripture is a must.
On a quick side note, I read and did some studying on the gift of tongues, wanting to learn a little more about it. Here are nine things I learned. Speaking and/or praying in Heavenly language;
1. charges-up your mental, physical and spiritual battery
2. Starts removing blockages to fulfilling Gods plans for you
3. Starts changing the chemistry of your brain
4. Promotes healing within your body
5. Releases and activates your spiritual gifts
6. Starts giving us revelation of Gods word like never before.
 7. Actually causes your spirit to grow!
8. Gives our immune system a boost
9.Delivers supernatural favor, peace and protection
Thank you Lord for these indescribable gifts you have wrapped!
Heavenly packages wrapped with your love and waiting just for us!
Wow! What are we waiting for? Lets gather and collect as much Manna as we can…..
Spread, share and run with it!
“Jesus and Me ” Love Tina G.

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  1. tena curtis

    Your reading was wonderful and i will peruse more study thank you for the gift

  2. Diane Qubty

    Beautiful! Thank you for this encouraging word! I can just feel and see the Manna falling ♥️

  3. Mary

    Thank you. I so badly want to understand prayer language. I pray it becomes clear to me.

  4. Gloria Toti

    Mary, pick up the book by Pastor Robert Morris – The God I Never Knew. It’s an easy read and allows us to see the Holy Spirit from a renewed perspective.

  5. Elizabeth (Joy) Garrett

    So inspiring. You touched mine and Rogers heart with this spiritual gift from our Lord. You are so blessed by our Father and given spiritual understanding thru Him. He has Blessed you so much in your writings. We get blessed so much when we read your writings. Praying that our Heavenly Father will continue to bless you with words that come directly to you from Him.

  6. Mia

    Wow! Tena beautifully written. There are many times I feel “stuck” but reading your blog has revealed to me more about the Holy Spirit. How praying in our heavenly language removes blockage. That is powerful. I finally have a word of what it feels like, “blockage.”

  7. Penny Gillentine

    Beautifully written Tina G. As I read I could just see packages falling like rain down upon us!!! I felt warmth like a ball of sunshine!!! Thank you for sharing your gift & talk with The Heavenly Father with us!!! P.S. thank you Gloria Toti for letting us know about the book to see in a new perspective

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