Is Demonic Oppression or Possession Real by Gloria Toti

Clarita Villanueva was delivered from demonic possession because Dr. Sumrall

chose to act on behalf of God’s will for her life.


Spiritual Authority is real – it’s not a game.

The reason we are fighting from the left to the right is we have forgotten there is an up and a down.

Authority and power could seem like insignificant words, but they are not.  In the book of Judges, we read these words: In those days Israel had no king; all the people did whatever seemed right in their own eyes.

Chapter 21 and 17 make sure to let us know this serious detail as it is mentioned two times.  I can’t imagine what things looked like when everyone was making up the rules.

I believe we are seeing something quite similar in our nation at this time. Law and order are being challenged, and I wonder how you all feel about it?

God made sure to let us know that we have spiritual authority in Christ.  We may not have a physical enemy in our face, but I’m sure you have already noticed that we all have a spiritual enemy attacking us every day.

God knew we would be no match to the enemy without weapons.  Wars are won with weapons.  Ours are spiritual in nature.

When we stop and think of an officer carrying a gun and a badge to stop evil, we Christians carry the Name of Christ and His word to stop an invisible enemy that is being sent our way to carry out extreme evil.

Just because we cannot see this enemy does not make him or them less of a threat.

II Corinthians 10:4 we read:  Our weapons are not carnal but mighty through God.  Did you hear the word weapons?  I’m not sure what you are thinking right now, but I am thinking of warfare.  We are at war.

There is a difference between power and authority, and I believe that if God was to unveil our eyes and give us a glimpse of what is happening in the spiritual realm, we would all want to begin spiritual boot camp tomorrow.

Carl mentioned the profound miracle of Clarita Villanueva and Dr. Lester Sumrall.  Today, if you look up the miracle you will find this in Wikipedia.

Possession of Clarita Villaneuva:  A demonic possession occurred on May 1953 when Clarita Villanueva, a 17-year-old girl incarcerated at the Manila City Jail, was bitten and tormented by two demonic entities. American Pastor Lester Sumrall flew to Manila, Philippines, in order to deliver the girl from the evil spirits.

The miracle changed a nation. We need that kind of power on display once again.  God has not diminished in power – the enemy is not slack in his attacks but we the church are way too powerless.

The world called this miracle and display of demonic power an anomaly, but when I read my Bible I see God’s power on display in profound ways against the kingdom of darkness – entire villages and towns followed Jesus as a result of the manifestation of power being used against the enemy and his harassing tactics against God’s children.  Blind eyes were no longer blind, deaf ears heard, demonic forces were commanded to let go of God’s people and dead people came to life.

I don’t know about you, but each time I see a person roaming our streets and talking to themselves I feel compelled to pray with authority over that person.  I don’t just drive by them.

Our world is filled with people who need deliverance.  I can hear someone saying, Gloria are you saying that those people don’t have psychological problems?  I didn’t say that.  But I am saying, that I would like to see them live a life of freedom.  Only God knows what they need in order to be restored, and I don’t believe my prayers get in his way.

For 9 days, Clarita was being tormented by forces out of her control.  We hear Dr. Sumrall tell us how he went through life as a young boy being raised in a Pentecostal home, he had never heard a sermon on how to cast out devils in the Pentecostal movement.  He never heard a sermon on how to set people free from demonic oppression or possession.   Although we find the words “they shall cast out demons” in the Bible – we are comfortable.

Before the Clarita story, tells how there had been a manifestation of demonic proportion through another young girl in one of his meetings in Indonesia, who started slithering like a snake and disrupting his meeting.  He did not know what to do with this little girl mocking the platform with wild eyes and a green mess coming from her mouth.  He looked at the pastor, but the pastor was busy counting the lights.  He had not experienced anything like it.  He said he was glad for the long music service.  He did not have a plan.  He argued with God to help him and God told him to take authority.  When he heard the words, the devil will win because he stands between you and the people.

Authority rose up and he commanded the forces of hell to come out of the girl –his head did not speak but rather his spirit – it was so forceful – he scared himself.

The interpreter did follow through, but the devil understood English. The girl wiped her mouth and went back and sat down and glared at him.  The time for the altar call came and the words COME OUT OF HER once again flowed forth from his spirit and she was healed and became a beautiful little 12-year-old.  Thru the interpreter, she was found saying, where am I and what am I doing here.

I believe too many are echoing that same question.  Who am I and what am I doing here?

Ephesian 6:12 –  For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

We have a King. What is your spirit saying right about now? 

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  1. Cindy Buchanan

    Spot on, Gloria! Thank you.

  2. Margie Martinez

    Amen ! Your message inspired and encouraged me! It appears to me that this subject is not talked about as much and glad you addressed it!

  3. Tina Gonzalez

    LOVED THIS! I am a fan of Les Sumrall and Howard Carter. Thanks so much Gloria for sharing these very important words and motivating Gods daughters to get up and get moving…..and using our keys to the kingdom. ❤🥰

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