Moral Autonomy By Denise Dietz

There are a million reasons why it’s okay…

I feel happy when I do it.
It helps people.
There are good things coming from it.
I’ve never been this satisfied before.
It makes me successful.
I have lots of experience.
It seems right.

Whatever “IT” is, we can easily find ourselves sliding into the trap of moral autonomy. My eyes
are opened to the clutches it has in my life. The white knuckle of its grip is slowly being freed
and a fresh new love for truth is filling the void.

I’ve acknowledged, I’m judgmental. It shows up when something bumps against my

IDENTITY – Who I think I am
REALITY – How the world should work

Here’s an example:
While dining at a restaurant recently I encountered a waiter who presented alternative lifestyle
behaviors. As I practiced noticing my bias – all the judgements were present. I scanned him like
an x-ray – how he dressed, talked, used body language and interacted with others.

Looking past the blind spots, I chose to be curious. This is what happened.

I started a conversation with the waiter with this question, “If a miracle happened, what in your
life would look different?” Everything about this man changed. Trust and safety were
established between us immediately. He sat down, opened his ticket folder and pulled out an
affirmation he is speaking over himself. It was a prayer of surrender to God. He explained after
living an angry life for many years he is finding freedom. We celebrated the amazing work God
is doing and acknowledged Him as the source of life.

Moral autonomy is deciding for ourselves what is good and bad. It’s nothing new. God’s original
intent set in the Garden of Eden was for us to eat from the Tree of Life, which is free of
judgement. When the lure of looking at things as good or bad presents itself, I’m
choosing to release those judgements and become creatively curious.

Here’s how I release those judgements:

Notice – pay attention to what I’m thinking about people or myself.
Know – ask myself what this reveals about my beliefs
Need – submit thoughts to curious inquiry

Questions that spark curiosity:

• What’s the happiest part of your life?
• What are you most grateful for?
• What are you most proud of?
• What do you wish was different?

Friends, while our time remains on earth – let’s eat more fruit from the Tree of Life. I’m
repenting and pursuing a life of peace. Here’s my calendar if you’d like to have a
curious conversation over coffee! This will greatly impact the quality of our relationships
and bring more of heaven to earth.

Thirsty for more!!!


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  1. Deborah Walkup

    I love this, Denise- “eat more fruit from the Tree of Life.” Wise counsel!

  2. Laura

    Mercy triumphs over judgment! Great read Denise!💕

  3. Terisa Clark

    You inspire me and your creative curiosity is challenging me in my blind spots too!!!!
    Deeply thankful for you sister!!!

  4. Diane Qubty

    Wow! This is awesome! As always ‘Thank you, friend!’

  5. Denise Dietz

    Delicious fruit! My appetite is growing. ♥️

  6. Denise Dietz

    I hadn’t thought of that Laura! You brighten the path.

  7. Denise Dietz

    I feel I should ask you….if you’ve ever felt judged by me, please forgive me! We do life up close and sometimes that means it’s easier to bump into the rough edges. I love you so much and consider it a great honor to grow with you.

  8. Huerta Marisa

    Who do I think I am?
    How the world should work?
    Yeap I seem to have those same thoughts but they sound something like this “What is wrong with you!!!”

    What an awakening I think I need to do this too!!!
    Let the growing and asking for forgiveness begin…Life is so much better together!!! You brighten my days friend!!!

  9. Denise Dietz

    You open my eyes to see beyond myself and the world as I know it. Appreciate your vulnerability. 👀 ♥️👀🤓

  10. Denise Dietz

    I’m with you! The garden is where we flourish…let’s help each other stay away from the deadly tree. When you hear the poison of judgement come out of my mouth, please help me by saying something! I love you friend. ♥️

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