Potter’s Wheel by Tina Gonzales

We come from different backgrounds and we have different stories, but no matter where we have been and what we have been through, we are loved by a God who never – ever gives up on us!  We are so highly valued. We are unique one-of-a-kind Masterpieces!
Never to be duplicated…..We could never be replaced. He loves us so much that
Psalms 56:8 says that He collects every one of our tears in a bottle. Luke 12:7 tells us that                               even the hairs on our head are numbered and known. We are all a “work in progress” and He made us to reach out out and commune with others and especially with Him!
Prayer time with The Lord. The beginning was intimate and my emotions begin to spill.  Lord, what is going on and what are you trying to say?
The Lord replied, ” Shhhh….I am working, be still.”
Lord, what are we doing?  Smilingly He looks down at me.
” Tina…..You are on the potters wheel “.

” The Potters Wheel “

Eye to eye
Face to face
One touch of His hand….One stroke
Unspeakable words
Unmeasurable depths

Bubbling, Tingling
Insurmountable Joy!
My Spirit utters in Reverence
As the Master spins His wheel.

Lovingly, so gently
His hands mold and mill.
My ears are pierced with glory, as the Master sings a song;
For Us!  My Life!
The trials, victories, laughter and pain.
Nothing can separate the Creator from His work, His masterpiece….
His expression of  love and joy!

Longingly He looks……..
” What will I be?”
” What will I do?”
The possibilities are endless, but most importantly…
” Will He approve? “

But Wait –
Oh No!  How can this be?
I have chips and scrapes,
I am not even painted……

But Then –
The lines around His face are soft,
and His beautiful eyes begin to fill.
Nodding He approves,
And His wheel silently stills.

Gently He Etches….
Beautifully He sketches.
As scarred hands carefully reveal,
The most wonderful letters and powerful words signaling He is finished…..
And He approves.

What Has He Written?

I  Am HIS….. Always Was…. And Always Will !       

 Thank you Lord… that I don’t have to perform for you or anyone else. Your love is unconditional and my identity is in You, through You and who You say that I am. I am made in Your image and I am so highly valued. The world and the earthly say one thing, while You are whispering words of love and acceptance just as I am. It is so amazing to know that when I look for You and think about You, Your heart flutters….. You smile and You look at me with eyes full of love. Help me to remember that You are always with me and You never leave my side. Oh precious Lord, I can’t wait to spend time with You….. intimate one on one time…… just me and You!
Lots of hugs and kisses,
Tina Gonzales

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  1. Robbie Crooks.

    Thank you, Tina. So touching.

  2. Veronica Valverde

    So beautiful. I always knew that God sculpted us into who we are and that every part of us was crafted by him and in many ways he is still sculpting us. But never thought about it as him being a sculptor in front of a pottery wheel. I see God sitting in front of a big lump of clay as he carefully sculpts each part of us. Inside and out and spiritually.Just as the potter sculpts from the inside and out. The look in his eyes of love as he smiles at his creation. And he steps back to see how we are coming along and we ask questions of What and Why. And he says I’m still working. And how he sculpts us a little extra when we stop to take the time one on one with him. Where He can really mold and shape us cause we are being still. Oh I just love it. Absolutely beautiful piece

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