Really Disney! By Gloria Toti

Disney, you’ve gone too far this time.  

Do you think moms and grand-moms are not paying attention to you? 

We are.  

You think you are a better parent than we are – you are not.  

The hearts and young minds in our homes are not for your taking.

We are not going to sit idly by and watch you move right into their minds without us throwing a fit.  

Disney didn’t think you would care, nor did it think Christian parents and grandparents would take a stand for their children and grandchildren. You did.  

For those of you who do not know what we are talking about, allow us to fill you in so you can continue to protect your children as well. 

Let me read this quote I read today, and you decide if you think I’m wasting my breath by bringing awareness to this situation.  

“Disney removed a same-sex kissing scene from the upcoming Toy Story installment Lightyear, but an uproar from artists at Emeryville-based Pixar got that gay kiss right back into the animated feature film.”

So, my question is, have you seen the movie with your children – if you said yes, do you care that they are showing your kids that two characters can kiss even if they are the same sex? 

Hollywood has always been good at tucking away things in plain sight. Now, they are done with hiding.  They are bold, brash, and intentional.  

They want the minds your young kids, as if they are better parents than you are in your own household.  

I know some of you mommas are sharing kids with dad.  Being between two households is hard – how can one control what they view when they are not with you?  You can make it a point to be intentional in discussing the movies, music, or people they are being introduced to.  

I remember sitting and watching movies like Toy Story, Iron Giant, and A Bug’s Life with my boys when they were growing up. Those were the days when kids were being entertained by cute, animated characters who were busy fighting for good things. And I know some of those cute movies had some things that were not so cute.  They were there.  Hollywood has been chiseling away at great values for a while.

Today, the characterization of the villain is no longer a bully named Sid.  The bad guy is not the obvious character anymore.  Good is not the winner.  How confusing.  

Hollywood has a way to subtly villainize the person who doesn’t believe like they do.  Instead, they are forcing us to decide whether we will let our children view things we don’t agree with. 

Ironically, the antagonist on and off the screen is now hostile to the values our society was built on.

What happened to the wholesome concept of Woody trying to get close to Little Bo Peep and children can see what it is like for a young man to show interest in a pretty girl.  I loved how children were able to see a team working together for the greater good.  

Who can forget when Mr. Potato Head, Slinky Dog, Hamm, Rex, Sergeant and Buzz Lightyear working together to connect Andy with Woody?  

Fellow moms, please be aware that this is an intentional move on the part of the producers of Disney.  They want to contrast your parenting values and show them that there is another world to experience…another world view.  It’s deceptive.  

They want to show your kids that even characters in their fun movies like each other and so what if they are of the same sex.  Please be paying attention to what your kids are viewing, listening to and take the time to answer their questions.  They all have questions, ask God how to creatively connect with your children even when they think you are not cool.  

Kids need us more than ever.  I’m praying for you moms of young kids.  Be encouraged and prayed up. 





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  1. Joanne Harwood

    Thank you, Gloria. We stopped supporting Disney because of this very reason. We can make a difference if we stand together.

  2. Mary+Land

    Preach it, Gloria!!!

  3. Meagan

    I am so glad you spoke on this topic Gloria! As a momma of two young girls this is powerful!!!

  4. Jeanette

    My daughter and her husband cancelled a pre planned prepaid family trip to Disney. They cancelled their trip solely because of Disney’s anti-Christian liberal views and policies! Their 3 daughters were disappointed but they understood and easily accepted their parents decision knowing why the decision was made.

  5. Jennifer Sedia

    I don’t have children but i will support you Gloria, I don’t agree with Disney, I support you and my church!!!!

  6. Ashley Zubia

    I’m glad you have shed light on this! Disney is so twisted in the last few films they have come out with, including the “red” panda movie whatever it’s called, that ends with the young girl saying “my panda my choice”. These things are subliminal to anyone who isn’t vigilant, but too blunt to ignore for those of us with the blinders off our eyes. My children will not watch buzz, and sadly so because toy story was my sons favorite movie as a toddler. Luckily we have many other choices with today’s technology, good wholesome shows aren’t to hard to find.

  7. Gloria Zavala

    I agree 100% parents as well as grandparents should monitor TV , movies and children with cell phones. As a grandparent I keep a close watch on my grandbabies. Prayer is a must in my house !!! From the oldest to the youngest. 🙏🏼❤

  8. Joyce Herron

    We lived near Disney Land when it opened. I took my three year old there often. Even then, there were things I
    felt should have had a better presentation for little ones. I look back on the many tickets I bought and shared .
    We must examine EVERYTHING we use to entertain or to teach our children.

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