Shared Hope by Denise Dietz

Five years ago, I was dying. Physically. Emotionally. Spiritually.

The doctors said it was too much stress. I grasped for changes to make my life less stressful. All the stresses came from things considered “good.” As a mother, I had an oldest child graduating from high school and making his transition into adulthood. Two younger children were emerging into school age and toddler. I also served in a leadership role which involved high-crisis situations. Outside my control was a business lawsuit, which lead to bankruptcy and a husband struggling with addiction. The changes were far more complex
than I imagined.

I was strong. I thought in time I/we’d get through it. But my body said “NO!” Humans have a certain amount of adaptive energy and all of mine was spent. It was much like driving a car at full-throttle and thinking maintenance, repairs and refueling were not necessary. I was so detached from this reality, that it wasn’t until my brilliant sister designed a spreadsheet to track the relationship between my stress and physical symptoms. After three days of tracking, it was very obvious. Stress was killing me.

I’m compelled to look back because being alive today is so different. I chose life daily and inched my way into a new life. It was a process of healing on every level; physical, emotional and spiritual. Each requiring its own commitment and hard choices. Recently a friend asked about my healing journey. As I replied with a list of the team who helped restore my life, I realized there were many “rope holders” who carried me to Jesus for healing.

It’s my desire to share hope with you, friend. If your body is saying, “No!”…there’s no better time to say, “Enough!” This is where we transition our lives from the endless doing to the restful being. As a well-rested person, we will have the greatest impact in being who God created us to BE! Our lives are so much more than our work. This is an invitation to explore all the possibilities of healing!

If you’re ready to assemble a team and journey into healing, I’d encourage you to connect with a Biblical Life Coach through Trinity Church who
can help you design a plan to move forward! As a member of Trinity you receive 4-6 FREE sessions per year. You can begin the process by calling the office at 806-792-3363.

It’s time for healing! (Psalm 30). I’ll be ecstatic with joy to hear of your restored life!

Denise Dietz


Denise is a lover of good ground, good food and most radically God! You’ll often find her knee deep in the dirt, digging up something for dinner and
digesting inspiration deposited in her heart. Her blooming ideas are born in the soil of God’s love for all mankind. Her most precious seeds are the three children entrusted through adoption;
Mycheal, Levi and Nathalie. She also adores a
beloved daughter-in-love!

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