Smart At Life by Gloria Toti

Have you ever read words in the Bible where your eyes looked away with a mini attitude? 

 I have.  I have felt my eyes move away from God’s promises at a breakneck speed in order keep the pain in my heart at bay. 

My heart wants to scream, yeah right, as in that can’t be true.  That’s not my experience. 

There have been several times where I would have requested an in-person meeting with God if that were possible.  

So, what are we to do when we can’t embrace divine Truth because it stings, or perhaps it seems to dig into the pain we have known. 

We must trust God even when our minds want to tear the promise apart.  When we are not sensing any of the goodness the promise reveals, we have to remember why it was penned in the first place.  GOD IS REMINDING US WHO HE IS.  

Here is a promise I find myself absorbing: 

“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.”
That’s Psalm 23:6

When we read those words, we all have a choice to stop the bad attitudes that say things like this: Goodness and mercy will follow me forever! Really? They seem like fictitious characters from a distant land. I want to believe it, but many days it feels like anxiety and fear follow me around instead.  Or we can take on a good attitude and fight back with words like these: 

Surely goodness and mercy will be close behind. 

When it’s all over, we will see them in the aftermath—we will see how they protected us and covered us and became a shield.

Friends, there will be seasons in our lives that we may not call good, but we can trust that good will be called out from those seasons.

Let’s throw out our “yeah, right” attitudes and start finding our contentment in Him and not our circumstances.

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