Sidewalks by Tina Gonzalez

Romans12:2 – What’s more, don’t let yourselves be squeezed into the shape dictated by the present age. Instead, be transformed by the renewing of your minds, so that you can work out what Gods will is- what is good, acceptable and complete.

Just a few short days ago, a nice young man was seeking prayer and I was given the opportunity and honor to sit and listen to his story. He was struggling with his past and old ways of doing things. When I asked if he was saved, he gently smiled and said, ” yes”. His mind was filled with many reasons to go back to old life patterns, old ways of thinking and sidewalks of regret and past hurts that he was used to lingering on. WHEW! Praise our Lord that he invited our Savior in and his heart was whispering YES to renewal, new ways of thinking and new life!


My Heart said “Yes”!
My Mind said “No”!
Little things we shout…….with nowhere left to go!
Meanwhile cracks in the Sidewalk become deeper, uneven and more exposed.

What struck me the most about this gentleman and his story was that his mind was saying one thing, but his heart which had received life itself through our eternal Savior was speaking truth, true identity and calling for new ways of doing things. He was trying to walk in the right direction and new pathways were calling instead of the destructive, decaying sidewalks of his past.
I’m so glad that life’s circumstances do not have the final say! Our hope is not necessarily in our ability to overcome but in Gods ability to redeem. But oh how our thought life is so important and what we think and tell ourselves. We have the power to say, ” This is not the real me and I am making The Lord, King over every area of my life. It is so important for our hearts and minds to align!

After researching some pretty cool information about the importance of our mental health and how the things we think about really grow…I found the following:

  • The brain is Neuroplastic: it changes according to its environment . What we allow into our brains, through the choices we make with our minds, can change the structure of our brains for good or bad.
  •  Your brain and your body respond to your mind.

Your thoughts change the structure of your brain which shapes your words and actions. You are what you think!

So what is on your mind today? What are you thinking about and telling yourself? Are you taking thoughts captive and making them obedient to Christ?
Hearts and Minds that Align, are Always Right On Time!!
On the days that I doubt
On the says I cannot clearly see,
He whispers to my heart the most breathtaking Words,
Taking my Confusion
Melting Away my pain…..
Commanding it to “GO!”
And depositing instead,

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