Soul Care – We All Need It by Gloria Toti

Not sure what is the million dollar question is for you, but today I have three soul- questions for you to consider. 

What do you do to rejuvenate your soul?  

Do you believe chaos and consistency work together to create something beautiful in your life? 

What expectations are you putting over yourself right now that shouldn’t be there?

Most of us are not good at soul-care.  We take care of others before we prioritize our lives, emotions, or hearts.  

Why do we do that? 

I’m as guilty as you are so let’s all learn together.  If anyone has some ideas, please share.

From personal experience, I will say that most of us are trying to get our unbalanced lives balanced…and we give up in the middle.  We start off strong and then inconsistency shoves consistency to the gutter.  

So, we are stuck chasing the chaotic unbalanced rhythm, and we put pressure on ourselves that God is not asking of us.  

Today, I here to remind all of us that the Holy Spirit is called the HELPER for a reason.  

Maybe the young kids shouldn’t be the only ones going back to school.  

Afterall the Holy Spirit carries the title of TEACHER, right?  

What would happen to our lives if soul-care looked a little different from what we are used to – we probably would experience more peace on earth… which is none other the true wealth of heaven.

What would happen if we began to ask the Holy Spirit for His help?  As in handing over control to Him instead of striving to figure things out on our own.

What if we began to see the toxic emotions for what they are… as the Holy Spirit makes them known to us from His perspective. 

What if we allowed Him to help us process the pain of unjust moments in our lives… so we can move past them. 

I believe the chaos would no longer be the consistent voice in our heads.

So, why am I saying all this today?  Because I believe the Holy Spirit is asking us if we will let Him do His job in our lives.

He knows we want all the answer first in order to act, but what would happen if we would begin to trust Him more than relying on ourselves?

I believe we would do a better job with the “what-if” thoughts.  We would begin to add consistency by asking the Holy Spirit this simple million-dollar question:  What should I listen to and what I should disregard?

He wants to be included.  

He can help us creates movement in our lives.  

Below are some suggestions that will help us all prioritize our souls a little better. 

·      Take a walk, run, or read a book in a hammock. 

I started running.  Would it be weird to tell you I feel stress leave my body. Maybe, the fact that I’m honoring a value makes that statement true.  Breaking a sweat is helpful for me.

·      Turn off your devices and go outside and begin to observe how creation itself reflects God’s glory by simply being itself.

And while you are outside notice how God made the world unique, yet every piece relies on another for survival. 

·      Go outside and get active so you can connect your thoughts to your gut and emotions. Gardening, for example, is a great way to learn and move!

·      Reflect that you also have a special role and story to share with others.  Ask the Holy Spirit to help you see your special.

·      Check out a new park or a hiking trail.

·      Reflect on God’s glory by simply being you—His radiant creation—then go share what you learned about yourself with a trusted friend.

·      Spend time outside in restful solitude and thankful prayer.

May these practices rejuvenate your soul and bring more Kingdom moments into your life my friends.  We are made for GREATNESS.  

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