The Answer By Denise Dietz

Over the last few weeks I’ve been asked several crucial questions:

 Are you vaccinated? Should I take the COVID vaccine?
 My husband cheated on me. Should I get divorced?
 I sense things are changing in my work. Should I pursue a new career?

Certainly, you can add your own questions to this list.

As the world rumbles with uncertainty, more than ever we are looking for answers. We are seeking out people we trust and testing public opinion.

As a life coach I make every effort to resist telling people what to do. God designed each of us to be creative, capable and complete. It’s His desire that we know Him, trust Him and obey Him.

We are at a breaking point! Information is not lacking for any of us. We have an abundant access to knowing things – but application is where transformation happens in our lives. This is why I love coaching! As a curious listener we get to help people access their knowing and apply it to their lives.

Ironically, Jesus – who is the answer, asked the most questions! So, let’s revisit the questions you need answered.

Here’s a fun way to explore hearing God’s voice and trusting what He says. Start with the Friendship Questions here. You will soon find yourself fully engaged in a meaningful conversation with the Creator of the world, who knows all and sees all! I promise it’s better than checking google for an answer.

You can also learn more about Hearing God in our Forward Experience Class. It is available online and in-person. You can register and access the content here.

It’s been said, one word from God can change your life forever! Mine has been transformed over-and-over again through the simple whisper of His voice.

This is my prayer for you today:

Lord, speak to my friend’s heart! Answer her cry and show her how You sees things so that they may love, trust and obey YOU!

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  1. Terisa Clark

    Oh Sis! You’re a gift. The best listener I know. You help me hear myself through the same space you have created here in this blog!!

  2. Ashley Elle

    Wow! So great! Thank you Jesus for the work you are doing in Denise to help others with her gifts! Thank you for this message, I really enjoyed it. Lord, I want to continue to ask the right questions and have a heart to listen.

  3. Laura

    Loved this writing and the questions in the link! If I were a house…🧐.

    Thanks Denise…love you!

  4. Denise Dietz

    Lord we welcome more quiet space with YOU!

  5. Denise Dietz

    Ask, friend! Ironically the one with all the “answers” asked the most questions! Hmmm.

  6. Denise Dietz

    I’m so curious…what kind of house are you?

    What He sees is so beautiful. I see greatness in you.

  7. Hildegard Behe

    You are amazing Denise. I love your heart, it stayed so tender and loving in spite of all the hardship. It’s such a testimony of God’s power in your life. Love you my dear friend 😘

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