Overthinking Is Exhausting Work

Friends, how is your head space?  Is thought-control happening in your life or are you just letting your thoughts run wild in your mind? 

I heard a quote the other day that made me ponder the difference of doing life my way and doing life God’s way.  

The comparison is huge.  Ready to hear the quote?  

“Keep your head straight to keep your life straight.”  

The words made me smile because there was a long season where I thought life would always be filled with heaviness.  The words gently reminded me of the seasons where I had been stuck.  

You see, I used to overthink way too much (not that I don’t do any of that today – I promise, I am much better)

I can confidently say that I am no longer living in the “overthinkaholic” neighborhood.

God showed me how to begin to trust him and stop trying to control the outcomes of everything big or little thing in my life.  

Trust didn’t come easy to me, and it might not for you either.  

Are you an over-thinker or a risk taker?  

If the later, people who overthink things probably drives you a bit crazy.  I get it.  I admire people who can just decide in a moment’s time and move on without thinking twice about the outcome going south.

I used to blow you people off and tell myself things like this: “I like things done right so I have to think it over a few times from all angles.”   

I can clearly see how that mindset was not serving me well and it was latent with FEAR.  

If you have been going through life trying to prove yourself like I had, you know how exhausting it becomes.  

Let us all be reminded to fight all the lies that hold us back from being our true selves. 

Trust is not easy, but it’s better than staying stuck walking around the boring mountains where we have memorized the scenery.  

The space in our head can change if we want it to change.  It may not be easy, but it is doable.  I am a firm believer in the one and only true God who has the power to turn our hopeless views into hopeful platforms where we volunteer to tell others we are not okay with not being okay.

Let’s go and leave our overthinking behind.

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  1. Diane Qubty

    Love this! When I overthink it’s usually God I leave behind. So grateful He patiently waits for me to come back. Love you Sister

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