The Finality of Reassignment Surgery by Gloria Toti


Do you all think that things are not moving in the right direction?

You all know that Carl and I became grandparents, and I am recognizing that we are both setting new records in staring without having to blink. Yes, he’s that cute. 

But to be honest with you, we are also learning new ways of trusting God for this little treasure of ours because our world is a mess.  It’s hard for little children to know what is best for their lives if they do not have strong advocates around their little hearts and minds.  Children need healthy adults around them. 

Last week I found myself speed reading through an article entitled:

Let The Bird Kids Fly 

And in larger letters these words followed: 

Therapist’s memes mocking adults enabling child transition go viral.

A brave woman by the name of Stephanie Winn chose to do something about the all-out attack on today’s children.  

The article shared how she is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Portland, Oregon, who decided to start a meme campaign about a fictional subgroup of kids who identify as birds, likening discrimination they face to the debates over medical intervention for gender-confused minors, parental rights and mental health issues among transgender youth. 

The first meme of the series shows a young child wearing cardboard wings on his back and includes the text:  “Cardboard wings are wings. Let bird kids fly.” 

The article quotes her saying these words: “Of course, it’s ridiculous to suggest that cardboard wings 

are real wings and that the proper thing to do is let children fly with those wings. And by fly, I mean jump off of roofs and get hurt.”

Stephanie’s aim is to poke holes in the dangerous ideas of giving into a child’s imagination and affirming their delusions and then empowering them to do dangerous things.

Friends, this is real.  Did you know that the number of gender reassignment surgeries nearly tripled in the U.S. between 2016 and 2019, according to a JAMA Network Open study published in August. 

Nearly 8% of the 48,000 patients studied were between the ages of 12-18. 

More than 3,500 patients ages 12-18 underwent surgery, and around 3,200 had breast or chest procedures done.

Her memes are an attempt to draw a comparison between adults enabling or allowing children to make dangerous, life-altering decisions. Winn jokingly advocates for adults to allow Bird Kids to attempt to fly with their make-shift wings and added the hashtags: #CardboardWingsAreWings, #LetBirdKidsFly and #ProtectBirdKids.

Her comical comparisons have garnered hundreds of thousands of viewers and captured the attention 

of prominent figures like Jordan Peterson and Elon Musk. This therapist knows that encouraging children to transition is equivalent to encouraging kids to fly with paper cardboard wings.  

Join us next week as we continue the discussion of children and the confusing message being thrown at them. 

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