The Reckless Love of a Father By Denise Dietz

Years have passed.  While my heart stirred with passion to tell the story of my father’s love for me, another voice drew me away saying, “Who are you?  What makes you think writing a book would mean anything? What difference would it really make?” I let this tension build inside. It was a pull between knowing I was to do something, and feeling deeply insignificant to do anything.  Then, through the course of some life-changing events a new truth settled my heart into action.  I simply heard, “Your story is a seed.  All I want you to do is plant it; as often as you can, the best you can and in as many places as you can.”  This moved me to action.  The 9 year journey to making my story into a book has become a reality.


Here’s the short story:


You see, my father chose me.  I was conceived in a fleeting moment with no lasting connections. My mother’s broken heart was devoted to my father who was in Vietnam, yet her betrayal created an even greater distance from the hope of any future. In desperation she retreated in shame to an unwed mother’s home to have me. Grappling with the sorrow, she chose to place me for adoption and wrote my father a truthful letter about her situation.  Time passed and almost simultaneous to my arrival came a letter from my father of forgiveness and an overwhelming desire to raise me as his own child.  Because of the laws in that day, my mother was not allowed to change her mind concerning the adoption.  At birth I whisked away and her grieving began.  She appealed to her caseworker who by God’s amazing grace was able to get me back to her within 3 days.  And my father did just as he promised.  He made me his very own child.  He redeemed my life with rights and privileges unimaginable.  His act of love has forever changed my life, my mom’s and my siblings.  He set into motion an unshakable example of what love is and how love acts.  It is the infrastructure of my being and the very real experience that makes God as my Father so incredibly awesome.


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My friends, I want to share this story with you. If you would like a copy of my book, Are you My Father?  I’d be most honored to send you one.  Simply message me at 918-361-5839 with your address and the seed of this amazing love story will arrive at your door.


Pastor Carl once said, “What God gives, he has the right to require it back from you.”  Much like myself, you may be wrestling with an act of obedience.  I want to encourage you to not let yourself drift away from those things stirring in your heart.  Move towards making them a reality and know that your life truly matters.


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Denise Dietz

Denise is a lover of good ground, good food and most radically God! You’ll often find her knee deep in the dirt, digging up something for dinner and digesting inspiration deposited in her heart. Her blooming ideas are born in the soil of God’s love for all mankind. Her most precious seeds are the three children entrusted through adoption; Mycheal, Levi and Nathalie. She also adores a beloved daughter-in-love!




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