Let’s Go For The Bullseye by Gloria Toti


Christy’s message was amazing.  I hope you didn’t miss the main message of how




It’s not working for him – that’s secondary.

Working for Him is called the great commission.

The body of Christ might have it backwards.

We work and then that working gets us so busy we run out of time to spend time with Him.

When we have the great commission in front of the invitation to have a great relationship with God, it’s like the cart trying to pull the horse.And soul-rest is probably non-existent. We can only live for God from the posture of DIVINE REST through relationship with Him.

I know she took a wrecking ball to the thought process many of us have.

We are hustling and trying to chase Jesus.Ouch.What are we doing?  That’s not his plan.

We are to live up from the time spent with him – I call it that time being in the “audience of one.”We all know if we have it or we don’t. Too often we are frustrated because we are striving to be really good at a type of a Christian life that God never designed for us. We allow the enemy to put us on a spiritual roller coaster of trying to live for him without being plugged into him, and we wonder why it’s hard.  We think the right season will come one day but today is not the moment.So, we just coast.

We are trying to live for God without God’s power or His strength and without our true identity of knowing that we are HIS BELOVED.

Let’s continue the conversation next week about Living The Life We Long For.

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