When Your Tank Is On Empty by Nita Kuehn

Recently, when I picked up my car from the mechanic shop, I discovered that my tank was on empty.  (My fault, not theirs.)  As I drove away, I saw something on my digital dashboard that I had never seen before.  It was a picture of a large red fuel pump!  I think that meant I was close to running on fumes; so I feverishly prayed in the Spirit for the next two blocks until I arrived at a gas station.  Whew!  I made it!

How often do we try navigating life in much the same way?

We just experienced Mother’s Day.  It is a time to celebrate the one who gave you birth and a time to be celebrated as one who gave birth.  It sounds so wonderful, and can be filled with joys, but the truth is the time between one and the other can also feel less than wonderful.

Being “Super Mom” can often be exhausting:  School drop-offs; pick-ups; Dr. appointments; ball games; and of course, somewhere in there everyone has to eat!  I remember days when I just wanted to sit down and cry – or perhaps even resign.

Since neither of those options really fit into my daytimer, what could I do when my tank was on empty?

I realized that I had allowed the things God blessed me with pull me away from the one thing that filled my tank.  I was never more energized and at peace than those moments I spent with my Maker.  So why and how did I allow life to strip that from me?

Actually, I think it happened one little thing at a time.

So what are some good ways to refill our tank?

  • For me, setting aside a few minutes to spend in the Word with my Maker as I begin my day sets my day on the right course.
  • Take just a moment to call a friend and say, “Hi.”
  • Find something to laugh about.  (It releases endorphins which make you feel better.)
  • Consider prayerfully before adding that “one more little thing.”
  • Make a list of things you can quickly check off.  (I have needed this so badly at times that I broke my tasks into tiny segments like:  Set the silverware; put on the plates; pour the drinks – you get the idea).  It might sound a bit crazy but for me it works! 
  • Take a moment to celebrate something good – no matter how small.
  • And, of course, praying feverishly in the Spirit is always a great choice.

Creating those little cracks of time in your schedule can actually begin to refill that tank.

Lord, I pray that each of my Prize 31 friends will discover the joy and practice of inviting you into their day, and allowing you to help fill their tank!  Bless them with wisdom, strength, and favor.  May Your face shine upon them and give them peace.

Nita Kuehn

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  1. Shawnee McClure

    So encouraging and what a great way to refill our tank sometimes by calling a friend. I love this! Sometimes God gives us strength by pouring into us from our friends and family.

  2. Yolanda Solis

    Thank you Nita,
    I find I am on empty sometimes several times a week.
    Disciplining myself to get in the word daily is the best start
    and letting God take over is the best fuel. Thank you for
    the encouragement!

  3. Denise Dietz

    This speaks to me! I’m in a season of running on “E,” literally and figuratively. Ha ha. My mom will often text saying, “Got Gas” to remind me to check the gauges of life. This reminds me to check my personal “fuel” tank, too! Thank you.

  4. Jenny Moore

    Thank you Nita, this is so so encouraging as I mom two little girls full of all the passionate emotions! Lol! I love this so much.

  5. Tina Gonzalez

    This came at a Perfect time and Season for me! My tank has been definitely in the red for a couple of weeks now. Thanks so much Nita for sharing 😊 ❤

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