When the unchanged begins to change and my earthly feels worlds apart.
When my silence begins to sing, causing the invisible to bloom with colors…..
becoming lovely and forming breath taking shapes. ~
When the locked closed doors begin to open, illuminating darkened paths.
As the dry- parched soil is watered and I am able to sweep away the cobwebs,
healing memories and the hurts of the past. ~
To come full circle from the endless square, letting go of the bumpy, un-smooth parts.
When Eternity speaks into time….. Making this hardened unresolved rock into a teachable,
pliable, radiant, softened heart! ~Maybe then and only then I can reach into that dusty- old book.
Seeing clearly without squinting through the hourglass, the page where I left off……
The page I last looked.  ~
Recently, I have been reflecting on two most marvelous verses!Matthew11:30  ” For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”
Philippians 3:14  ” I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”

Like all of Gods word, these verses are multi faceted and layered. For me personally, they are words of wisdom and a “must- have” as The Lord orders my steps and I journey with Him.
Coming from a childhood filled with mental abuse and some physical neglect, I struggled with an ugly root of performance among other issues. I thought that if I tried harder or could just do better my parents would notice me. I just wanted to measure- up and hopefully receive praise and affirmations. Couple this with the need to control and this girl is carrying some serious weight!! I found that a spiritual yoke can be anything that negatively has an influence or hold over us. A yoke can prevent us from achieving our God given assignments. About three or four years ago, The Lord spoke to me during a Freedom Ministries teaching. It was so beautiful and a Big game changer for me. He said, ” Tina … Have I ever asked you to perform for me? If I don’t want you to perform for Me, why are you performing for other people? ”  Wow! It’s so Amazing to know that the Master of the universe already loves me and just wants my time and a relationship.
The Lord continues to heal me and carry my baggage as I turn to Him in forgiveness and hand over heavy weights. I find it so very humbling that Jesus not only wants us to let go of the loads we have… But that He wants to personally carry all of our junk. It is so freeing as I am able to move forward in His calling for me as I press on toward that  goal, for that most glorious prize and
His upward call!!Have a Blessed Day! Tina G.

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  1. Terry McGrew

    You are so anointed! You are His special child. Just play in His presence. He wants to play with you. He wants you to have fun and bask in His blessings He has given you and be excited about the blessings and gifts yet to be revealed. Love you precious friend.

    Terry McGrew

  2. Tena

    Well done ..enjoyed..

  3. Tammy Rodriguez Barber

    This post speaks volumes to my heart ❤. The King of the Universe’s fondest desire is to have a relationship with me. Little ole’ Me! This makes my heart sing with joy!

  4. Annette


  5. Mirzy

    It is so beautiful written that I don’t find words to say what I like to say.
    I know where from this verses came.
    You are blessed among many.

  6. Gail

    Your words are so true and heart felt. Most of us carry burdens that are not ours to carry. I love how you put that into action, for yes, He does what us to Love Him and as I let go of my burdens, I too truly see how closer I am with Him.
    As always thank you for these words that are God given!!
    Love you my sister in Christ!!

  7. Penny Gillentine

    A very powerful message! Dry unnutrilized draining dirt of life be changed into fertital nurturing rich soil. And it stays that way as long as you have The Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus as the Gardners!!!! 👩‍🌾🏡 💞💓

  8. Maria Akridge

    This spoke volumes to me! I was delivered and set free from the performance trap! The Lord set me free out of prison! This is so beautifully written. There’s a lot of heart and soul in this. I loved it! Thank you for being so transparent with your followers. I love you sweet friend ❤❤💜


  9. Juanita Kuehn

    I pray this message brings healing and encouragement to many, Tina. Way to go!

  10. Diane Qubty

    I felt your soul in this. Beautiful and inspiring
    Healing words. Thank you and may God bless your journey ♥️

  11. Janet Fortenberry

    Thanks for sharing, Tina. Love you!

  12. Mary Hernandez

    Thank you Tina as you are a child of Christ Jesus you inspired me and to others even by your Presence and you have so much love to others and that’s what God sees in you in your heart.God watch’s over you even when you are sleeping.This God has you in the palm of his hand and because how you speak the goodness of truth in his word.That’s why Love you sister

  13. Lois

    Thank you, Tina, for this wonderful message from your heart & the God who cares about us all. Thank you that you were open to His leading!

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