Magnetics By Tina Gonzalez


**Possessing an extraordinary power or ability to attract.
**An extremely powerful pull of the Lord’s work and will.

Prayers ascend and descend,
Fluctuation flows.
Anthems are heard and the sweetest of songs.
Music notes harmonize……Crescendo and Diminuendo!
The Author of the musical score, the Master Conductor, directs His symphony.
Smilingly He knows….where each precious note, each word, will Cling- Soar and Go!
Angels wings unfold, hearkening on every sound.
He quietly tunes as the air begins to sing.
The score are so different…So individual as the needs.
The Master, He so lovingly listens.
Simplicity – Silence
Just as important as the music, the notes and the climax.
It is not up to us to fully understand ……
Impartations – Pure Grace
So much sweeter than sorrow!
Anthems are heard Back and Forth, Side to Side.
The Master moves His Baton so gracefully, never missing a movement,
Never missing One…Single…..Child.
Climaxes are heard and dramatic drops. This is a-tune to the age in which we live.
Colors swirling and clashing of swords— Magnetics loosed and Centrifugal Force!!
Prompting and nudging with Love, His Creation ~ His Symphony, always has a choice.
This most fantastic wondrous musical piece was never rehearsed but given to each child
long before their part. What will they do with their piece? How will they respond ?
Will some continue to play never watching? Inquiring?……A-tuning to the Masters Baton?
Notes are heard Rising- Soaring
Angel wings once folded, now Open – Lifted – Unfurled!
The Hero ( Lord Jesus ) is introduced! The musicians hush in AWE.
Their instruments take on new form as the Master suddenly stills His Baton.
Standing at attention, the Instruments of God, sing unheard melodies……
The sweetest of notes ~ The Song of Songs!

Just like earthly seasons, we all walk through spiritual seasons in our lifetime.
Do I get off track? You betcha! Do I veer off course and let to much of the earthly reign
and soak-in? Unfortunately yes!  But when I connect with Him and spend time with Him,
through His mercy and grace, He puts this wondering sheep back on track. He places me back
on the right path and the most marvelous things take place!

Precious Lord, now more than ever I know how important it is to be close to You!
Watching, listening and doing what You ask. Making sure that my words line-up with
Yours. Help me to keep myself open with walls down and transparency, so that You
can use me in ways that I could never of possibly asked for or imagined.
Oh Father God, help me to stay in tune with You…. And with the Masters Baton.

“JESUS AND ME ” by Tina G.
Have a Blessed Day! Tina G.

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  1. Lisa

    So beautiful!!♥️

  2. Penny Gillentine

    So grateful to be apart of the Choir & Orchestra as a voice or instrument!!! This lets us know that the Heavenly Father has something for everyone and He would like all of His children to be apart of His vision ♥

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