We Come In Peace by Gloria Toti


Has anyone ever called you a bigot?  Unfortunately, I have been called the B name before.  

Today, in our society if we don’t agree with each other the name calling begins.  We quickly turn words into weapons.  The free speech zone becomes the new version of the wild west, but anything FREE without self-control can become dangerous for everyone involved.  

What happened to the days where two parties could embrace their own values without things getting downright nasty?

After all, shouldn’t we all speak out for the things we believe?  If you said yes, how about we talk without the name calling.  

Let’s see what and why we each believe what we believe.  

Let’s look at how our opinions were formed around the hot topics. 

As you know I have been speaking out on a very hot topic in our society—homosexuality.  

But please know my intent is not to argue. 

We don’t want to sound combative.  

We are not wanting to demean anyone.

We want to sound like family having a conversation around the kitchen table.

Each week, it is my desire to open the scriptures to show we are not making this up because we want to be mean to we want to diminish anyone.  It comes from a desire to share love and not hate.  

Friend, nor do I want to argue if the word homosexual itself can be found in the bible. 

This is a lifestyle we are talking about here, not a word. If we are honest with ourselves, 

we can clearly see how this lifestyle is all over the Bible, and when it is mentioned it comes 

as a warning to stay away from this temptation because it has dire consequences. 

God doesn’t want to hit us over the head with all His admonitions.  

His desire for us is to listen to the love in His voice when He speaks.  

He longs for us to run from the practices that caused him to judge individuals and nations in the past.

His words are direct, and they are clear.  

We all know that good parents instruct their children on what is good for them and what is not. 

When parents tell children not to play in the street, it’s for their own good. 

It’s not to harass them or make them feel bad. A child simply cannot see what the parent sees, and they do not know what the parent knows.

Whether you believe it or not, God is our heavenly parent.  

The loving warnings are on repeat in the manual for life He left with us. 

He knows the tendencies of mankind, and that’s why He made a way for us to be rescued from any vile practice whether it be heterosexual or homosexual.

Let me leave this scripture with you: 

“For this is the will of God.. that you abstain from sexual immorality; that each one of you know how to control his own body in holiness and honor, not in the passion of lust like the Gentiles who do not know God…” I Thes 4:3

Next week we will look at the how the word of God transcends culture rather than adapts to it.  

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