What Can We Learn From Barbie? by Gloria Toti


Friends, there is a lot of buzz going around about the new Barbie movie so today I want to join the conversation.  Well, the storyline centers around Barbie making a brave move to enter the REAL WORLD. 

And her fears are magnified in doing so just like anyone would face in REAL LIFE, but no worries her friends are there, and they are full of advice. 

It’s amazing how the storyline mimics real life, except there is no little pink car to ride toward the BIG WORLD.  Ironically, in the storyline we see a pretty doll who expresses overtones of being depressed.  

And then, bam! At her dance party, she is feeling brave and lands a line of lines – 

“Has anybody ever thought about death?” Awkward silence follows her comment, but she recovers and acts like she was talking about something else.

Well, with suicide being at an all-time high in our society, that line had to strike a nerve with lots of little girls in the theater.  

Who are we fooling, the big world can be scary, but surprisingly enough Barbie can’t fix any of those thoughts in those little girls.

Mom’s pay attention to your little girls and boys.  You don’t want them to learn a rhythm of pretending all is well when it isn’t.  Encourage them to stop the dance party on the dance floor of life and be honest with their feelings and not be embarrassed they did so.  I understand that the Barbie movie also talks about depression. She tries the shrug it off and takes her shower, but the nonexistent water is cold. 

Also, at breakfast, the nonexistent milk tastes terrible.  

Then, when she tries to float off the roof, she stumbles and awkwardly floats down to the ground. 

Then we find Barbie going to her friends, and they discover that Barbie’s feet are now flat instead of pointed downward. One of the Barbies suggests that she go to Weird Barbie. Maybe Weird Barbie can help. Naturally, I am curious as to what makes Weird Barbie, weird.  I learned she is another blonde Barbie whose owner played with her “too hard.” As a result, crayon marks appear on her face, her hair’s been cut short, and sometimes her legs get stuck in a split. Weird Barbie says a rift has been created in Barbie Land because her owner has been playing with her too hard. She suggests that Stereotypical Barbie travel to the 

“Real World” and locate her owner in Los Angeles in hopes of lifting her spirits and fixing her problems.

How do you think it is going to turn out for Barbie.  Well, in Hollywood it seems to always work out.  

But not so easy in real world, right?  Here, we see a pretty little doll who has the best world ever and still she is dealing with sorrow in her heart since she doesn’t know how to deal with life’s disappointments that come to all of us.  Friends, I am in no way condoning this movie. 

I would not take my small daughter to see it.  There are too many overtones of things that I believe are distasteful – if you have seen it I am not going to think differently about you.  

If you want to have a conversation about my decision to say no.  Let’s talk.  

I will say that parents should view these movies from a view of God sitting in the theater with you, and your littles. Would you still want to see a movie where they normalize things like two homosexual men admiring Ken’s handsome looks. That’s not normal – culture is trying to neutralize this mindset, but it’s not God’s way.  Friends, there is a real spirit of death attacking God’s people and it leaves one dealing with depression.

BUT DON’T FORGET YOU TRULY DO HAVE REAL BEST FRIEND who knows how to give good advice.  

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