Money Can’t Buy This Kind Of Friend by Gloria Toti


Are you choosing safe things to help you process the ups and downs of life?

Are you surrounding yourself with healthy friends?

Too often we settle for shallow relationships, and when life comes knocking at our door our human friendships are missing in action. 

If we are truthful today, we all know that friendships are great, but they can also be stressful and confusing from time to time.

So today, we are going to explore the words of Jesus when He said He was sending us a new best friend.  

Parakletos is the Greek word for Comforter, and He is promised to arrive upon Jesus stepping back into glory. What a synchronized plan to help us.  

Here we see the Father had sent His Son Jesus into the world to be a Comforter to man, now His Son would soon be returning to the Father, and He promises to pray to the Father that He would send another Comforter. Listen to the movement of the Godhead as I read the words of Jesus. 


“But the Comforter 

which is the Holy Spirit 

whom the Father 

will send in My name.” 


Hallelujah, 3 in 1 are on the move, and we are about to get a real best friend out of this deal.

Parakletos literally means 





Think about how Jesus had been a comforter to the disciples during the time they had been walking with Him, and now He is talking about leaving them.  Can you imagine the thoughts that must’ve been going through their minds?  They knew Jesus was a great one to have around when they were caught in a storm out on the lake, or had a tax man bugging them, or someone needed to be healed or raised from the dead.  I wonder if they thought about their safety since they had offended the Pharisee’s and the Sadducees. 

How would they go back to their old lives– their eyes couldn’t unsee what they had just seen and experienced?  And yet, Jesus was serious when He said He was leaving.  

Why did Jesus tell them He was sending another 

Comforter apart from Himself?  Because He knew that mankind wouldn’t know how to live this divine life without some support or instruction.  

I believe He also knew that we would need more than just fair-weathered or needy friends. Humans are humans, and Spirit is Spirit.  I don’t know where you stand today with regards to the work of the Spirit, but truth be told, the Spirit of the living God is constantly working on your behalf. 

He is trying to unveil our spiritual eyes to His greatness and our greatness in Him.  

He wants us to see the Father’s immense love, and to let us know that He longs to show us Truth. 

Here are two other descriptions that Jesus used to describe the Comforter: 

1. The Spirit of truth.

2. The Holy Spirit.

IS IT TIME TO SURROUND YOURSELF WITH A NEW BEST FRIEND? Of course, it is.  Join us next week as we discuss Barbie girl…

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