When Life Happens

The truth is, life is very unpredictable.

Just recently, a friend went to the hospital for a simple medical procedure and was dead the next day. Stunned, speechless, unbelievable – could not begin to describe the myriad of emotions that flooded the room.

The details of who, what, how, and when are not significant for my message to you today. But what is significant is what occurred in the room prior to and after the news. It was not long after the surgery that the fight for life began. Spiritual strength abounded and God’s Word and His promises were declared over and over.

Prayers for life, healing, strength, and victory echoed from the walls for hours and hours on end. The medical team worked non-stop to preserve life. In the end, the young man went home to be with Jesus.

What about all our prayers and declarations? Did God not hear them or answer? Would I ever pray to Him in that way again?

The answer is absolutely, “Yes!” You see, we did our job. God tells us to pray, believing we have received and to cast our cares upon Him. He tells us to ask and He will answer, knock and it will be opened to us. That is exactly what we did.

God’s job is to answer – and we must be willing to accept His answer. His ways are higher than our ways and beyond our understanding. Did God bring life, healing , strength and victory to this young man. Yes, that we cannot deny. He brought life abundant, total healing, strength beyond anything he had ever experienced, and the greatest victory any of us could ever imagine.

Was it what we hoped for? No. But, difficult as it was, we did rejoice in his new life.

Now it is time for his loved ones to stand on God’s promises. He will be their strength and shield, their provider and protector. The Holy Spirit will comfort them in their grief and loneliness. It is just the beginning of trying to accept and find a new normal – an opportunity to hang on tighter than ever to the Source of Life – even if we are mad at Him for the way He answered. He also understands that.

You see, “Life Happens”, and part of life is death.

The experience gave me a renewed heart of thankfulness for every moment and every breath I breathe. I feel challenged to make the most of these gifts, embracing life and showering His love to those around me, as well as to stay in close touch with the family as they find their way.

Through the coming years, you will be called upon to walk along-side someone through the loss of one they love. Please, do it well.