Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?


Thanksgiving is upon us, and I want you to reflect on where you were spiritually and emotionally last Thanksgiving.  Are you in a better place or have things become worse?  I pray you are better.  

If you are not in a good place, I would say hold on.  God hears you when you cry out when no one else sees.   You are not alone. 

I’ve been in ministry for over 30 years, and I weep over the things that mankind has had to endure.  

I have watched a dear friend suffer ailments in her body, and deep down I hurt for her.  

Today, I want to encourage the one who says: I am overwhelmed by the pain of my circumstances, 

and I don’t know where to turn.   Hold on friend.  

I agree with you that this thing called life has seasons of being way too heavy for us.  Too hard.  Too unfair.

It’s in those moments that I remind myself that God is in control.

As a pastor’s wife, it’s hard when you hear this question:

“Where was God?”

  • Where was God when that injustice happened to me? 
  • God why did you let it happen?  
  • Why didn’t He prevent it?  

My answer has always been a compassionate, I don’t know?  

Of course, I recognize that hope is always present no matter how dire the situation appears, so I always add these words: 

I know His shed blood has the power to redeem all evil.  

He alone can restore what the enemy believes he has indefinitely destroyed.  

When your mind is flooding with questions like these:

Where was God when my kid ran away?

Where was God when my love one was in that car accident?

Where was God when my boss misrepresented me and caused me to lose my job?

Where was God when my family could barely make ends meet all those months or years?

Where was God when the bottom was falling out?

Where was God when I was wrestling with depression?

You can stop and remind the devil that God was present.   Where was God, you ask? 

Right there, watching you. Watching me. 

Watching every person who ever has suffered any misfortune. 

“The eyes of the Lord are in every place,” and 

Proverbs 15:3 promises, “watching the evil and the good,” 

Which means that while you and I may temporarily lose sight of Jesus, he never loses sight of us. 

He “ever lives to make intercession” for us, Romans 8:34 says…our Savior, ever ready to help us.

Think of it: Regardless of the storm you’re presently facing, there is Jesus. His eyes are fixed on you with His lips moving in prayer to the Father on your behalf.

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