You Know You are Loved When…

You arrive late to Flex Fitness and two groups of gals offer to move their mats to make room for

Your grandchild asks for a piece of paper so they can make a valentine for you.

Your son calls and offers to bring over some of his special homemade soup for you.

Your granddaughter offers to show you how to work your new phone.

Your hubby actually picks out a Christmas present for you on his own!

The store clerk actually walks with you to find that invisible item.

Your sons and son-in-law come over to clean out your garage so you can actually put your car in
it! Woo Hoo!

A friend calls and invites you to hang out with them for lunch.

Your daughter drops by just to show you her latest “find.”

The waitress says, “No charge, it’s on the house.”

Your grandkids can’t wait to tell you their latest joke.

A million tiny things can make such an impact in the lives of those the Lord brings across your
path or into your life. Enjoy those shared with you to their fullest and then pass a random act
of kindness on to another. That small reflection of God’s love may plant a seed of joy or hope
in their life or add water to one that another planted. Not until eternity may we know the
impact that small act of love left on someone’s life.

“Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.” (Prov

Remember, Love is the most excellent way.

~ Nita Kuehn

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