You Are Never Forgotten by Gloria Toti


Today, we are going to talk about Motherhood…and I understand that word Mother has a way of making many of our hearts gush with warm emotions, and also has the power to make some hearts wrestle with deep disappointment.  

And in the middle of these two worlds of warm and deep—God see’s us.  He knows our situations better than we do.  He knows why we do what we do or why we do what we did. 

His divine plan was designed for deep disappointment and to give great joy as we journey through this world which is not our home. 

Today, we are going to learn about a girl named Hagar —the girl we find tucked away in the book of Genesis.

My heart hurts for her each time I come around to her story.

I read about her and her son…and I want to cry because she endured so much.  Her name is Hagar.

She is a servant to Sarai in the Bible.  Can you tell why I don’t like this story.  The customs of that day allowed servants to be hired, and this was more than a live-in maid.  

Don’t get confused, so far in this story we have two daughters of God:  Sarai and Hagar. 

Well, Sarai couldn’t get pregnant, and she suggested a NOT SO GOOD plan to have the servant girl Hagar sleep with her husband Abraham.  Why not allow her to provide a child for the family unit. I’m not feeling this vibe, and I’m sure you aren’t either.  The adoption agency we see in motion is not in God’s plan.  He had already spoken His plan to the man of God.

Back to the story.  

Don’t miss the power of a woman’s influence.  Sometimes we can be wrong with a capital W. Let’s repent of those moments and allow God to change us, or it, or them if we tried to help and made a BIG MESS. 

Well, the servant girl named Hagar ends up pregnant and then Sarai the wife doesn’t like the outcome.  Obviously, Hagar knows she has upped her boss.  This is not a good position for either of these women to be in. Go read these this story for yourself in Genesis 16 and 21.

Why do I highlight this story on Mother’s Day?  To show that even in the most difficult of situations where Hagar thought she would watch her son die of thirst, God was there. She says these words to God, and I think many moms need to be reminded of this Truth this weekend:

“You are a God of seeing…Truly here I have seen him who looks after me.”  

She was shocked to know that the God of heaven would be so kind to her and bring water out of a spring for her and her son.  Do you need to be reminded that God see’s you today?  He does.

I love how this story actually tells us that He saw the one who caused the pain and the one who received the pain.  He did not throw out the one who made the bone-headed mistake.  He actually changed her name from Sarai to Sarah. He doesn’t give up on us.  He is found in the middle of the real stories, as we see him in the middle of their stories.  Both received.  

Thank him this day for seeing you and your situation like He saw Hagar, and Sarah. 

Happy Mother’s Day, may this be the best one yet knowing how much you are loved.

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